Unusual Memory techniques for studying

I have been recently busy lately,since I am preparing for my upcoming tests.

I am currently studying Organic Chemistry and is preparing a peg system for it to memorise the name reactions.

Even though I have been using normal memory techniques like memory palace and story method a lot. I want to ask are there any other techniques which can help me in studying and increase my efficiency?

Is there any other or Unusual memory technique I can use for my studies to help me prepare for my upcoming tests?


I think mind-map is good. You can make yourself clear or distinguish ambiguities.
Other methods, I do want to know as well!? Someone, please reply to this topic.


I would like to recommend the book by Lynne Kelly - she took memory palaces to a completely new level. You will never ran out of ideas for creative and very effective and very unusual memory journeys after reading this book.


I tried mind mapping in the past, even though its a good way for note taking I don’t think it is much efficient for memorising stuff.

Still I will try to combine it with other method like the story or link method. I think it could be a powerful memory tool that way.


Lynne, will you let us know if you plan to release an audiobook/audible version please? I do realize I am responding to the post of someone other than Lynne…

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It looks like there is one in development — see this post: Memory Craft by Lynne Kelly

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You are exactly correct. It was very time consuming and still messy. I spent about a whole day to finish it.
This was how I did in a course.
But I feel good cuz it really helps my mind to do reduction. Actually when I was studying the course I thought many materials are redundant.


Thank you so much!

The Australian audio book is out, but I am not sure if it can be bought outside the Australia-NZ region. The North American edition of Memory Craft will be out in January with Pegasus Books who are also releasing an audiobook, but I am not sure if they are having it rerecorded again or not. Everything is negotiated with my Australian publisher and all too complicated for me. I just want to memorise stuff! :slight_smile:


It wasn’t available on Audible when I searched earlier. (California)

I don’t know if it can be shipped overseas, but there are CDs here:

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Damn, that’s a very big mind map. Were you able to memorise it all?

I think that’s excellent.

A mind map is not itself a memory device, it’s a method for organizing and structuring the information. This can be a significant investment up front but IMO it’s absolutely worth it. You engage strongly with the material and you store it in a way that is more useful to your needs. It can also result in a significant reduction in the amount of raw material to memorize.

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I would collapse that map into a hierarchical memory palace. Many of the palaces would hold items that themselves are palaces with multiple objects.

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To be honest, I did not manage to remember all. But it did really help in test while searching hints to do questions. (Off course, not open book!)

I didn’t know that. Thank you! I must ask for a copy!

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