Unique/effective places for palaces

So I just wanted to get this random idea I had a while ago while shopping for furniture: How effective would a place like IKEA be for a palace? I mean, it’s already divided into sections of furniture types, and each section has unique rooms, and it has paths with arrows that take you through the whole thing!

I was tempted to try it a while ago, but since I only go to IKEA maybe once every 3 years, it was a fruitless endeavor, and its size makes it even more difficult. But it would be good for it, I think?

Anyone else that has had similar ide of other places that would make effective loci?

Hi @Zillia,

It should work,IMO. I use shopping malls all the time for loci.

Couple of days back,I watched the movie,Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

It’s a terrific movie with good,colorful set decor.I’m planning to use it for loci.

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