Understanding R30's Mnemonic Linking Techniques

I m recently understood the method of memory palace.currently i m searching advance memory palace technique. R30 user advance technique make me confuse. Can you help me the link below?


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If you only recently understood it, then why are you already looking at advanced ways? Did you have enough practice with it to know what people mean when they tell you that they consider this or that as a shortcoming (for them) and thus modified things and are sharing for feedback / others to try out?

It’s basically all there on the page under the link you gave. You either need to be more specific as far as what part of @r30’s method you don’t understand or stick to the basics for now, because you haven’t had enough exposure to the basic method yet to understand the argument made.

I’m not surprised that you are confused.

It seems to me, the whole post is just linking presented in as complex a fashion as possible.

There is no such thing as ‘advanced linking’, even the statement is an oxymoron. The techniques of mnemonics, including linking, are simple and readily understood.