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Re: Understanding Esperanto Grammar

Dear Josh,

could you check that “Necesas nur Montri” sentence again?

I could understand everything but one: kre’igh’int’a’j. Is it possible that the original reads “kre’igh’it’a’j”?

An active participle “-int-” IMO just doesn’t make sense here. The languages did not create something, but were created, which IMO would necessitate the passive participle with “-it-”.

However, this sentence already has an implicated Subject ("[Oni] Necesas nur montri…"), so it is possible there is also an implicated Subject and Predicate to a compound perfect tense here, that I’ve however never seen yet.


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It has been many years since I looked at that, and I’m not sure where the original text is. It is possible that I missed a letter or that I saw it in a document that had been typed with mistakes.