Ultimate way to remember number

It’s difficult to learn major system by rote memorization .

Here is a song to remember major system .

It’s an action song

Let’s say one and touch our toe (1=t)
Let’s say two and knock our knee (2=n)
Let’s say three and make our muscles(touch thigh(3=m))
Let’s say four and rub our ribs (4=r)
Let’s say five and lift our limbs (5=l)
Let’s say six and shrug our shoulder (6=sh)
Let’s say seven and catch our collar (7=c)
Let’s say eight and frown our face (8=f)
Let’s say nine and blacken our brow (9=b)
Let’s say zero and sit on the stool(0=s)

Associate the sound with the digits when you practice . In between the sound of Digit put vowel sounds to make the objects in the major system .


I don’t think you have to do that much, I have an easier way to remember. You just have to remember some few points.

0 - s,z (remember the word ‘zeros’. It starts with z, ends with s)

1- t,th,d (both t and d have single vertical line, th is similar in sound)

2- n (two vertical lines in n)

3- m (three vertical lines in m)

4- r (say four to roar, roar starts with r ,or one can imagine four lions, since they roar)

5- L (letter 5 has an inverted L on top )

6-sh,j,ch (shhhhhhh…, It reminds me of 6, j and Ch are similar sounding)

7-ck,c,k,q (the word ‘quack’ has all required letters, associate it with duck)

8- v,f,ph (f*ck eight, [sounds like f**k it] can be used to memorise f, v and pH sound similar to f)

9- p,b (if you straighten out the lower curve of letter 9, both letters p and b can be made with it)

If you practice them a few times they stick efficiently, you can also make different associations to memorise them.

However, if you think your method is more effective then keep using it.


4 → Я → R

Imagine the 4 is a flamingo, add the other leg, mirror the Russian backwards ‘Я’ and you get R.


A similar body mnemonic was used when i learnt. it was very helpful for me because it was infact not teaching the major system, but was giving you a basic journey with ten locations to remember your grocery list. for example if you needed eggs, you could imagine your toes squishing eggs, then maybe spilling milk on your knee etc… i didnt realize until months later than i had learnt the major system already when i built this very first journey.

there were a few differences. i didnt’t learn it as a song, although that sounds very helpful and fun! the differences were:

1 = toe, 2 = knee, 3 = muscle (thigh muscle), 4 = rear (as in your glute), 5 = love handle (colloquialism for waist), 6 = shoulder, 7 = collar (of your shirt or area by neck), 8 = face, 9 = point (the tip of your head), and 10/0 = sky or ceiling.


I made the song from the body list to learn it easily .


The body method is a great Idea for 0 - 9.
I used a location and journey method for 00 - 100
I still need work on mine.


Once I get familiar with sound 0-9 u can easily make up the rest by adding vowel sounds in between . For eg. 74 7=c and 4=r so we have c and r , and vowel by trial in between . Here when we add vowel “a” we get car . Tough part for me was getting familiar with the sound of letter and its number . Coding and decoding can be done only by knowing the sound of the number .


Yeah that is what I learned in the Unlimited Memory book on the chapter inreference to the Major System and Number System. Kevin Horsley.


Ys it’s for beginners


I agree with @Vertexion. I came to know about the Major System through the book “Use Your Memory” by Tony Buzan in its 1997 edition, and there he has given a small table just like what is mentioned by @Vertexion

I taught these concepts to so many people after that that it became second nature to me to remember them. In my Indian native languages like Hindi Marathi we have sound based alphabets and hence we also have many words to remember these sounds which is fun

Just to give you one funny example for 6 I remember Marathi words “Joshi Chaha” जोशी चहा which has sounds soft g, sh, j and ch


Yep, at least you have the book I only have Epub file even though I load my books on BookViser with the Book Viewer setting.

I am working on a 1 Card System Method using the Video game SIMS4. Why? Make so many memorable memory Palaces with people and objects and make them talk and do whatever you want.

Il make a Topic all about it soon. I know you all will love it.

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That’s great,
To be honest I learned the Major system in a very robust way. I didn’t went for for such tricks like you guys and I mentioned as I didn’t knew much about memory techniques that much at that time.

I learned the alphabet and numbers as they were and started writing them in the sequence. I did it many times a day unless I was sure I memorised it.

After that to practice it I would take random words and convert them to numbers. Like signboards as I would go for a walk, Ads and product names while watching T.V. and even converting my textbook chapters. (It was as exciting as learning a new language)

As @tusharvjoshi mentioned I also learnt it by linking it with Hindi syllables.
1- त,थ,द
2- न
3- म
4- र
5- ल
6- श,च,ज
7- क
8- फ,व
9- प,ब
0- स

It was easy for me to learn this way.


You missed the letter g = ग