Two cards system

Hello I have think to start traning cards with a two cards system but I dont know how I start? Can somone here give me tips on two cards system or tell for me how i can start?

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If you are memorizing first time cards then i recommend you to make your 1 card system.

There are many ways to make 1 card system such like

  1. PAO system - For every card you associate a person , object and it’s action.

different methods to make pao
By category -
:spades: - Famous (male)
:heart: - Famous (Female)
:clubs: - Cartoons
:diamonds: - Family members

By major system letters
:spades:10 - Sushant Singh
:spades:A - Stephen Hawking
:spades:3 - Smurfs

You can either follow Dominic letter assignment for making your pao.

By arbitrary
Whatever you want to place any person in any card.

  1. Peg words - make your 52 peg words.

:spades: - S
:heart: - H
:clubs: - K
:diamonds: - D

Example -
:heart:A - Hat
:heart:2 - Hen
:spades:9 - soup
:diamonds:5 - doll
:clubs:4 - Car
And so on…

I can it but I want to develop my system so have you some tips?

Here is full details of 2 card system.

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Hey Jenny, I have 3 years experience in memory training. I used using one card system and 2 digits to memorize. But right now I just start my 3 digits journey and two cards system.(not 2300+images but 1352 images)I learn this strategy with Katie Kermode. She is thoughtful, smart, and very helpful coach. No matter what I just hope some of the advice would work for u.

First and foremost, you need about 1352 images in your system (this process is very tough it might take 1-2 month to create) It took me about one month to fully upgrade my 2 digits system into 3. (majority user start with PAO, it seemed much easier)

You are not only need to have 1,000 images but also to create extra images 352 to J, Q ,K

Next, the most important things is how to translate the card into numbers.
Here are the strategy.
You have to encode the pair of suit.

Situation One ,for general numbers
Read the number on the first card, then pair of suit and the then the number in second card.

5SAS=501(which is the bamboo shoot in my system)

When face card goes first (J,Q,K)
Now turn to the face card category. (remember you create 104 images for each of them)

Jc5s now is J category and then count the 35th images. (c5s, cs=3 and then the number in second card)

Ks2d K category and count the 12 images.(s2d, sd=1 and second card number which is 2)
When there is a face card (JQK) second, J can be 8, and Q can be 9.
But this time we need to read the number on the both cards first and then the suit pair.

ASJS 180

3SQD 391

Last but not least

when you have K in the second card just use the origin 2 digits system.

ASKSj just 10

6cKh 65

Good luck though!


I’ m not really understand yet
Do you use your numbersystem too or?

Did you read the link from Raja?

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No wilch do you mean?