Turn a 52-card deck into 53 cards


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It is very easy to forget that “science” has only recently replaced magic as the primary method of trying to understand the world.

And according to science a photon that has been travelling from the moment of the creation of the universe has had no time occur for it whatsoever. Singularities exist in black holes where neither time nor space exist and of course the universe blew up into existence 13.6 billion years ago for no good reason whatsoever.

Now let’s add in “Dark Matter” better referred to as “I have no clue why those galaxies can spin that fast and exist”. and “Dark Energy” the Universe is expanding much too fast. Science has a way of getting pretty magicky.

I will just say Quantum Electrodynamics and stop there.

In the last 80 years “Science” has gotten pretty darn accepting of infinities and impossibilities when the math works. It seems to me there is something very wrong with the modern philosophy of science but as always I am not the sharpest card in the deck so I reserve the right to be wrong. :wink: