Trying to understand POA

Hi there,
I’ve just gone over the POA system. If I understand it correctly each number is represent by a person, object or action and then you use that to combine up to three numbers to combine into one chunk to remember? Also is this only good for numbers or are there other uses?

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Yup, that is how the PAO works. Allows you to memorize 6 digits at one time without needing to keep track of the images. You can use PAO for cards and some other events. In general, a PAO would be useful for information that repeats.



If you haven’t seen it yet there are some examples in the how to memorize numbers video.

Thanks. Great video. I must say that I am more interested in improving my memory of books and facts than numbers.

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Numbers can be useful for memorizing other things too, if you use the number images as peg lists. If you aren’t planning to compete in memory competitions, then maybe a basic Major System would be enough.