Trying to overcome some memory struggles


Hello everyone, new to posting here!

Specifically looking for some guidance on how to improve in the following areas. I’ve managed to limp along reasonably well so far, but I’m finding a few things to be holding me back.

I never did particularly well in school - in math, being able to remember formulas and where to plug in the numbers was a problem. In social studies and English, my biggest struggle was with reading materials and digesting the information in a way I could then discuss or write about the topics.

Fast forward to now - there’s a big education push at work and I’m required to learn some technical material for a certification. My daily work doesn’t expose me to this particular area of skill, so I’m more or less coming into this one blind. Boss asked if I was serious when I asked about what sort of hands-on training/course work would be offered for this.

I also find it very frustrating that I struggle to discuss with friends something going on in the news. I can read a news article and forget 90% of the interesting stuff in it by the next day. I certainly can’t grasp the issue enough to intelligently discuss or debate a topic, especially if I’m trying to rely on what I’ve picked up from multiple sources.

Any tips or am I destined for a life of smiling and nodding when my memory leaves me hanging?

(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Have you seen the free ebooklet on how to get started with memory techniques yet? [PDF]