Trying to make two large memory palaces for Philosophy and Psychology

Hello everyone,

My main question is regarding adding information. I’m planning to use dark souls as one of my palaces and I wanted each subject of psychology (such as cognition), or philosophy (such as rationalism) on a specific big location like undead burg. That way I could keep adding information from different books I read.

I was wondering if you all find it easy to go back and add information in any location without confusing yourself, and whether you have any tips for me to do that? Especially since I’m going to read about different psychologists and philosophers. So for example, undead burg is existentialism, and in that I have to separate Fredrich Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre. But it has to be big enough a separation so I can keep adding information for each of them. I thought as a start I would use the objects in the map, and when I run out, I’ll start using the enemies. Any advice/tips?

Lastly, do you find it better to go through your palace in first person, third person, or depending on the game itself? weird question I know but I always wondered what other people who use video game maps think about this.


Hmmm that is interesting, for myself I haven’t used video games so I travel through my palace in first person always but assuming the game is 3rd person, I may go for 3rd person.

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Hi Jokerfaceguy,

I wouldn’t use Dark Souls because you’ve probably already have memories associated with each location as is.

Try a different “route” my friend


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