Trouble Linking Objects

Hello Everyone!!

I recently started learning a 2-digit object system (00-99). This has been helpful for memorizing numbers, however, my only issue is that it’s almost impossible for me think of links between objects.

For example, if my objects are Rock (47), Table (95), and Car (74), it takes me WAY too long to come up with an association between these three items.

Does anyone have specific suggestions for improving this skill? Thanks so much, and I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered (I couldn’t find it anywhere from searching the forum).

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This is the sort of thing that everyone does slightly differently. Personally, I will tend to have the first object as the object, the second object as an action. So for your example 4795 would be a rock acting like a table (maybe shaped like a table and covered with plates) whereas 9547 would be a table acting like a rock (maybe a wooden table covered with moss rolling down a hill). It’s whatever comes to mind first for you. Always note though, even if you don’t do it exactly how I’ve described, you always need to have some way of knowing which one comes first. Experiment. It’s about what works for you


its simple, be illogical…you can assume a rock which have four legs trying to compete with a table car in a race.

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I borrowed an idea from the Ben System:

I ‘see’ [the images] arranged from left to right, or top to bottom, and interacting in various ways according to rules I made up as I went along, depending on which objects come together in what order.

I’d picture a rock tied to a table that is tied to the top of a car that is speeding across the location. The arrangement from top-to-bottom would preserve the order.

The associations get faster with practice.

If it’s too slow to link three images, then maybe try placing only two images per location.

Hey Josh,

Thank you so much for the advice :slight_smile: This makes sense that there would be a systematic way out there to do it, and hopefully I shall improve with practice. Are there any specific drills you’d recommend (besides simply doing more decks)?

It seems to me that linking is the “limiting reactant” to my memory speed-- I can see my images quite quickly and put them in a mind palace, but I find myself fumbling around when it comes to connecting them. The difference is dramatic – 25 seconds to encode a deck without linking images, 50+ seconds with links.

Thanks for the advice. An issue I have with going with the first association that comes to mind is that sometimes I don’t have any immediate association between the two objects in question. Perhaps I didn’t choose the best objects in the first place. Hmm…

The way you describe (first object as an object, second as action) will probably help me to become more systematic and have fewer of those long pauses trying to determine how to associate objects. I’ll keep experimenting and seeing how it goes-- thanks again!

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