Trigonometry functions

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As a beginner, I have a curiosity, how can you memorize all of this functions using a fast, practical and logical technique? ( I mean sure, you could learn them by just repeating, because there is a small number of them… But where is the fun in that ?! image


I think rather than just memorizing these, whoch gives no intuition for the functions and makes maths just seem like magic, you should learn why these functions give certain values.You can usually work the values of sin,cos, and tan for these angles just by recognizing that say 60 is the size of each angle in an equilateral triangle, or that 45 appears twice in an isoceles right angled triangle.

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Well, surely you can use the unit circle, or your method, by using a triangle
But the thing is that I am at an intensive mathematics high school profile, so surely I understand math, and I don’t think that it works like magic :))))
But I was wondering if anyone uses or can figure out a method of memorizing these numbers, so we can also apply that method to create a bigger table of functions, which would include arcsin, arccos, arctg, arcctg, maybe even log and ln’s values
So what I was actually asking about, can anyone figure out a technique ( for example “The mind palace technique” that can be used only for numbers ) so we can learn fractions like these on a big scale ?


The easiest way to remember for me was in this video skip to 2:06 he kinda rambles at first. Should be pretty clear from here just quiz yourself a few times and the heuristics he provides in the video makes it pretty easy to remember.

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Wow, thank you a lot !
This is the kind of trick I was looking for!
I hate to learn something without seeing the logic behind it and now I finally found out a method to do so !
Thank you !