Trial two of my new method for Japanese vocabulary

Well to sum it up. My new method consists of the journey method, the memory palace, and something I read in a book not to long ago. So I picture the word, then animate it using one or more animations, place it along the journey of my memory palace. Over some time it seems that I am now able to check back on memories while not following the journey, but I have only been at this about a week so I want to make sure everything is in order. About a week ago, I started with about ten. Today, I learned 100 new words placing me at roughly 300 words. My last blog post was about 209, and that was also a number for me being lazy haha. Another 100 of those words were added in one day. So it seems I can add 100 words a day (I have not tried more and have not suffered from the same mental fatigue that I have before) without having a memory loss or a lapse of memory over either/any of the words. I have finished the dictionary of the book I was using for learning japanese. Now I am moving on to a bigger project which should be about 1.3k words. With work, it will be hard to do this in under two weeks, but I do imagine it possible. 100 words too kinda long on both trials because I was and am drinking beer and have been taking my time on each word. I have reviewed the words carefully and made sure the animations remind me of the word and the meaning. I will keep posting. If there is any advice on how to make it better, let me know. Also, for the 1.3k project, I have memorized my entire college layout (if this was not mentioned already) which should easily be able to hold that many words if not more so. Ciao for now.


Sounds great. How is the project going? :slight_smile:

I finished memorizing the dictionary at the end of my japanese book. So that is about 300 words. Then my next project is do to the 1.2k in my new textbook. So this should take about a week or two. So far, I added 100 more verbs putting me at 400 words or so, not counting the ones I picked up unknowingly from the children or just being around in Japan. But so far it has been going pretty well and it should take two weeks depending if I am lazy.

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