Transform number directly to image or via letter to image?

Hi everyone,
I’m a new member of this forum. I’m learning remember number using 2-digit major system. I’ve created an image for each 2-digit number. As I’ve learned, I have to transform a number into letters (0-s, 1-t, 2- n, …) and then use those initial letters to create a image. However, I found it was so time-consuming to think what letter correspond to a digit when seeing a random number. So my question is when you see a number, do you immediately think of the image corresponding to that number or transform that number to letters and then to words and then to the image? If this is the first case, how do you learn those images by heart? If this is the second, how do you reduce the time spending on thinking what image correspond to a number?
Thanks everyone, and sorry for my bad English grammar :frowning: I’m trying to improve it.

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Yes, it comes after you’ve practiced it a lot. So don’t be frustrated, just keep working on it.
Any system just helps you create images and then keep track of it while you invest time in learning it by heart (some say not just learn it by heart but “feel” numbers at some degree)
In order to improve you’d better do drills on a regular basis. Using Anki flashcards. There is also a list of random digits for training your PAO that you can find in ‘Resources’ section here.


Thanks a lot! So from what you said, I should try to think of the image directly. I guess I’ve trained in a wrong way(not try to ‘learn by heart the images’ but instead remember the images in an undirect way).