Training your comprehension

Hi all,

I am currently reading “break trough speedreading”.

In the book it says something about evaluating your retention and comprehension.

To evaluate your rentention it says about making a list of keywords. After reading a text note everything you rememberd about the text in the form of items. I think what he mean by that is keywords. To evaluate your retention try to recall as much of the items on the list.

To evaluate your comprehension I quote: to evaluate your comprehension. The easiest and best thing to do is simply to read through the material again and note every idea or detail that you feel should be understood and retained. Then check your own paper to see if you rememberd as much as you feel you should have. Rate yourself as either adequate or need improvement.

I don’t understand how this is evaluating your comprehension. If I read it, I find it simuliar to retention. Can someone pleas explain this to me? Because I want to train my retention and comprehension. I think if I understand the part about the comprehension, than I have two very good tools to train them.

If you don’t use this two methods to train your retention and comprehension, than how do you train them?

There must be some kind of mix up.
Comprehension is how well you understood the text.
Retention is how well can you reproduce the text the next day, week or month.

Comprehension can be trained by gaining knowledge about a wide range of things and particularly in the stuff you are going to read. This sounds circular, but let me explain.
If you know the subject the text is about then it is easier to comprehend.
If you read a book on quantum mechanics, and then another one, you will probably comprehend the second one better because you already know some parts of the stuff the second book is about.

Retention can be trained by quickly creating lots of links while reading and after reading.
This is done by heavily engaging in the knowledge you are reading or studying.

So in my book these are two very different things.

Thank your Kinma. I finally understand it.


How do make those links? Using visualization or just simply trying to understand the concept and e.g. think of examples in practice.