Training Numbers systems in Training Mode (Memory League)

Hello everyone!

As someone who is 2 weeks in in training 3 Digit system (Characters/Persons) in Memory League (Every game recalled in Compete) I find the biggest issue is finding the Vimages, as I might get lucky and get 68/80 one game, another 29/80.

So, the idea is that you could choose lets say 220-330 and practice these Vimages, if you notice that you are weak there. From 900-999 I am able to do ~1s each, and 000-099 there is many Vimages I do not find in time of a match.
-Memocamp has this feature
-There is flashing numbers on this site too. ( not convenient to use)

As Memory League is the best in terms of training, the graphics and such, which is why I and I believe many others preferes to train here.
It would be awesome to being able to Drill your Number systems on here!

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Whatever, let’s suppose even this feature come.

Is this supposed to be practiced with just 3 trials per day (all 6 games and we have just 3 trials).

Interessting, maybe 3 tries there as well?
I do not know.
Would be super atleast with this!

You can also use to generate specific ranges of integers and format them in as many columns as you like. I did the same thing to learn my 3 digit system.

Can someone guide I’m on level 7 in images . I mainly forget middle images . What so I do ? . My cards area is pathetic level 2. Please if someone can help I will be grateful.