Training number - level 3 (18)

I’ve been hitting my head on this one a bit. My recall of the Major System isn’t up to the task yet.
That said it is a great break from memorizing the Major System directly. Using it is pointing out my deficiencies. Given adequate time I can get this one done but not anywhere close to 60 seconds.

Rather than 18 @ 60 seconds I have been pushing the number up till I find the spot that is doable but challenging. I’m up to 120 and thinking next run will be 240. The third triplet is a struggle. I complete my first 6 numbers at a reasonable pace but I then slow on my second, after reviewing the second I recall the first then I think about linking the two montages together in space, then I start the third and I’m out of time. My current method is very inefficient but apparently still necessary.

Once I sharpen my hold on the major system and find a speed I can make improvements at I think this method will take me another level or two before I need to refine it. I suspect it won’t take me to level 6 though.

I could probably get this done better right now with a straight journey or a linked list but I the major system should give me a nice leg up on working on 3x3, 4x4 … mental multiplication.

I figured I might as well post my thought process down here in the basement. It is very educational to listen to guys who are doing 60 numbers in 30 seconds BUT bob monkey no can do that yet.

I now understand why Josh set up the wiki tutorials teaching the methods in order. BUT bob monkey an am stubborn and want major system.

  • Having more than one tool in the toolbox is almost certainly advantageous.
  • Progressive learning provides more positive feedback (early wins often).
  • It’s hard to get from A to Z on a line without going through b,c,d,e,f in the middle.

BUT bob monkey and stubborn. me majer sistem now.



Running Memoset @ 4 Seconds is currently medium painful. Perfect. :slight_smile:
Want it achievable but want it to press my buttons getting there.