Training Memory Palaces

I just started on my memory palace journey and I’m trying to make a set of memory palaces dedicated specifically to training. The goal would be that I could cycle through these few memory palaces over and over again. It would work like this:

I fill up Memory Palace #1 then Palace #2 then Palace #3 at this point I have forgotten all of the images in Palace #1 and can fill it again (repeat infinitely)

My question is: How many loci would I need to use to ensure that I have forgotten all of the previous images and no longer remember any of the associates?


I’m not sure exactly how many you would need… but what I ended up doing is just creating a bunch (I have like 20 or more I think). So unless you really can’t think of any, make a bunch, then you don’t have to worry about getting them cluttered.

I actually ended up putting all my palaces into another palace! So now I have a “palace of palaces” of sorts, so I can cycle through them in the same order; it’s worked so far!


It does depend on a bunch of different factors, best bet is just trial and error on your part.

I’ve been using a singular palace for getting used to the Major System, trying to recall numbers faster.
In using one palace I only really have ghost images if using it multiple times in one day…
If I want to empty it I just conjure up a giant vacuum and suck it all out.
Different strokes for different folks’ good luck on your training~


It depends on how much you are training and what you are storing in the palaces. Also, the more time has passed, the more clear your palaces become. You can also overload to clear a palace out. I also think you are taking the wrong approach here. You shouldn’t focus on getting this golden number of palaces that will let you recycle your palaces.

You should focus on stock piling a lot of palaces because the more palaces you have means more training and more information you can store. If you do this, you can use extra palaces than you originally planned for but still be okay for the next day training.