Training Journal

So I have been in memory training since few years. From now onwards I am going to be serious towards training and I will update my training progress here. I am doing this for accountability towards myself :slight_smile: .

Currently my PBs:

Speed cards: 36.25 seconds๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ ->31.88 seconds (2021-07-09)
80 numbers: 21.24 seconds
5 min numbers: 355๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ โ†’ 360 (389/400) Date : 2021-07-04
15 min numbers: 706 (780/786)
10 min cards: 6 decks
5 min binary: 612
ML words: 40 in 54 sec
5 min words: 86 words

Mostly I only used to train numbers but now I am going to be versatile in my training. And I am using PA system.


IAM level 17.75 incredible!!!


Havenโ€™t checked that. Gonna get more next time :slight_smile:



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I will also check

While typing those numbers my hands were literally shaking.

Just did 5 min numbers and It was very well got my new PB. For a moment I thought I got 400.
But that last 10th row I was wrong.

In 10th row
In place of 42 it was 00 I recalled another image there. That 63->96 and 96->68 both of them were right when I first typed but after some time I changed them both. I was sure that in those two places there should be 96 but was not sure about 68. And the place where I typed 6319(which should have been 9619) in 10th row few days back I encoded that same 6319 image and it confused me.

And those last from 6883|3489 it might be cause of pressure of time and a little bit of rush by me at the end.


You are using 00-99 PAO?

This is amazing :beers:

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I am using 2 digits PA system :slight_smile: .


My Training schedule

5 min number 1 time
1 min binary 3 times
Speed Cards 6 times
ML words 5 times
ML images 3 times
ML Nat names 5 times
ML Int names 5 times
Spoken Numbers

Drills Daily
Going through National Names images for 15 min
30 min numbers drill
30 min cards drill
5 times 1 min binary drill

10 min cards 2 days a week
15 min number alternate days

Friday Rest day


Trying New method for words.

For memorizing words from now onwards I will divide one loci into 2 and place each words in two different parts of a location.

Why not place one word in each location ?
โ†’ placing 1 word in a loci and moving to another loci takes a little longer. (changing loci takes more time)
โ†’ When there is 1 word in a location then, more Palaces are required.

(It worked well I encoded 42 word and got 39 in first try. Hope to improve more)

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Started using Metronome for Words and Improvement can be seen right away.

Till now havenโ€™t encoded 46. But with metronome it seems easy. Recommend other to use it.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Subvocalization is bad and I tried reducing it but my results were not good. So instead of reducing it I started saying Persons names only and see person doing the action. Somehow I depend on subvocalization but I have not let subvocalization replace my visualizing ability.

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You havenโ€™t shared your 1min binary results or spoken please do so I am curious to see how you did. :slight_smile:


Will update :slight_smile:

Tried 960 got 898 correct. 62 wrong (some ghost images that messed me up)
Not great But progressing :slight_smile:

One of my main problem has been looking the time, when I look the time it throws away my flow.

To improve for next time:
โ†’ not to look time before encoding 480

Have you tried any 1min binary yet?

I think I will replace ML words training with 5 min words.
ML international names with Classical Format international names.

Then after some time I will try ML words and ML international names, then analyze the result. See how training for classical format impact ML results.

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bro your schedule is insane