"Trained musicians perform better at paying attention"

(Josh Cohen) #1

The participants were conservatory students, and music is a technical field, so I wonder if this applies at all to other technical fields that require a lot of concentration. It looks like it was a very small study.

Musical training produces lasting improvements to a cognitive mechanism that helps individuals be more attentive and less likely to be distracted by irrelevant stimuli while performing demanding tasks. According to a new study appearing in the journal Heliyon , published by Elsevier , trained musicians demonstrate greater executive control of attention (a main component of the attentional system) than non-musicians. Notably, the more years of training musicians have, the more efficient they are at controlling their attention.


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(Simon Luisi) #2

The number of top mnemonics who have a strong connection to music suggests to me that this should come as no surprise at all.