Има ли аутисти,които се занимават с психични изчисления

Аз съм майка на дете с аутизъм,което има изключителен интерес към цифрите и психичните изчисления,много е добър в изчисляването на дати,коренуване.Следим за по -добри техники за бързина.


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Are there autists who deal with mental computations?

I am the mother of a child with autism, who has an extraordinary interest in numbers and mental calculations, is very good at calculating dates rooting. We are looking for better techniques for speed.

Welcome to the site. I don’t speak Bulgarian, but we can use Google Translate. :slight_smile:

There’s a section of the forum with discussions about mental math that might offer ideas.

Here are some resources for mental calculation competitions and training:

For number memorization practice, there is Memory League. Also a free ebook that has an introduction to how to memorize numbers.

Other people here might be able to offer some more-specific tips. :slight_smile:


I do not know Bulgarian, but it is very similar to Russian. Therefore, I understand most of it. As an experience with experience xD I recommend that your son read the books of Bill Handley, Arthur Benjamin and Alberto Coto Garcia. As the studies of Alfred Binet have shown, it is difficult to call it an innate gift. To achieve heights of speed and accuracy, you need to always find more advanced methods. The best training program is Memoriad Simulator. It can be downloaded freely on the Internet.