Tongue Twisters

According to the $Guinness book of World records
the toughest tongue :tongue: twister is
The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick.
You repeat this tongue twister rapidly ten times.

Other tongue twister are -

  1. ’ Pad kid poured curd pulled cold ’
  2. If Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled
    How many pickled peppers would
    Peter Piper pick.
  3. I scream, you scream , we all scream for ice
    If you know any other funny or challenging tongue twisters than post here .

One smart fellow, he felt smart.
Two smart fellows, they felt smart.
Three smart fellows, they all felt smart.


Tongue twisters are not just about repetition but also about difficult to make sounds. My dutch favorite:

Als schapen schapen scheren, scheren schapen schapen. (If sheep could shave sheeps, than sheeps will shave sheeps).

SCH =sggg

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My favorite Indian tongue twisters are

  1. Kachcha papad , Pakka papad
  2. Chandu ke chacha ne , Chandu ki chachi ko
    Chandni chauk me Chandni raat me
    Chandi ke chammach se chatni chatai
  3. Khadak singh ke khadakne se khadakti hai
    khidkiya , Khidkiyo ke khadkne se khadakta hai
    khadak singh .
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Betty bought a bit of butter but the butter Betty bought was bitter. So Betty bought a better butter and it was better than the butter Betty bought before.

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Are you know Hindi language.

I’m not the pheasant plucker, I’m the pheasant plucker’s son. I’m only plucking pheasants till the pheasant plucker comes.


Are you saying that “sch” in Dutch is pronounced differently from “sch” in German?


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It’s more focussed on the ch and less focussed on the s when compared to German. If that makes sense… Spanish j and then imagine an s also there, somewhere in the background.

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I would pronounce the german word “schneider” as sjneider.

The dutch “sch” is bit like when laughing (ggg ggg ggg) when some trips, but with an “s” in front of the “ggg”

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Blue black yellow ball bounce up against the bouncy wall :wink:

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I think you all know famous Indian tongue twister
Kachcha papad Pakka papad
But now I think it is easy.

I give you new tongue twister
Kachcha kachra Pakka kachra

Speak this tongue twister five times fast without stopping.

Toy boat.

(It doesn’t seem like one when written down, but it is).