TODOs for 2017

  • Come up with a semi-rigid (and lighter and smarter than now) training schedule for the duration of my parental leave, including:
    a) memory drills (large visualization and linking reviews, speed runs)
    b) dexterity drills (USE REAL CARDS!)
    c) various attempts of the official disciplines

  • Strenghten the links between Originals and Shadows for cards.

  • Adding details & behaviors to the characters from my systems

  • Think of pre-made specific interactions for all my loci

  • BUILD MORE palaces

    1. review without memorizing
    2. memorize words and binaries or the second halves of the long numbers events so as to get familiar with them
    3. start using them for shorter events
  • Words => follow up each attempt with a review and make note of difficult ones

  • Names => find some kind of list of international names and get familiar with them …