Tips to remember digits of a number bigger than 4 digits?

I’m struggling doing multiplications, additions and the likes of a number bigger than 4 digits.

For example, I want to do 45741 x 92443, but I lose the track. I think that the best way is transform the numbers in a shape-system but even then I think it won’t be easy for me.

I can resolve it in Memoriad [the multiplications] but in mental math, without writing it down, I can only do 4 x 4.

Any tip, suggestion or help to fix it would be very apprecied.

  • Use more speed, generally it is easier to hold a larger set of digits for less total time when you get used to it.

  • Keep trying. You are at 4 digits. You will almost certainly start adapting if you keep trying at it in order to get to 5 digits.

  • Use a image system. Quantity with image systems isn’t very difficult, I find it is perfectly doable to keep 10x10 multiplication sums in your head if you use a system compared to when you are not doing so.

  • Keep track of how and where reviewing helps you. There is a way to review such that you can far outdo your ability to keep the digits in memory otherwise.

You are correct in saying that a system would be the best way, simply because it works very well for everyone and does so rather quickly. I also don’t think you would struggle with it after doing so. That said whatever method you choose, is your free choice. You can just try all of them and see what is working and most importantly what you actually like better.

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