Tips to create Images for difficult languages

Hello everybody!

I am completely new to mnemonic techniques.
I would like to start learning Turkish in a serious way. However I find it extremely difficult to create an image for many words. This is because Turkish words have nothing to do with other languages. For example oynamak means to play, but how would you create an image for oynamak? Please note that all Turkish verbs end with the suffix -mak or -mek so I guess I should “play” with the beginning of each verb.

I hope I made myself clear.

Thank u for your help


Mek, Mak, is translated as “to” as in to play, to drink, to go etc.
You could say, Oynamak istiyorum = I want to play.
To memorise Mek, Mak, perhaps you could think of a person’s name as Mex, Max, and link it to the words with a mini story.

how I would memorise “Oyna”;
Oyna sounds like “Hyena”, so you could imagine a Hyena named as Max, and perhaps you could think of him as your home pet, and he perhaps loves playing games. So you could imagine your pet Hyena-Max who like playing his favorite game.
Oyna also means Dance as well as play. So if you were at a wedding and you were asked to Oyna, they are asking you to dance.
In that case, you could also imagine your pet Hyena-Max dancing :slight_smile:


I don’t know any Turkish, but if you have a lot of repeated suffixes, you could group the images by location — then you would only have to remember oyna-, and the location would tell you that it ends with -mak. See also the memory town method page.


The method Erol describes also works really well for Old English and I use it ,’‘the sounds like’ , method a lot. If that fails me then I use the ‘syllable’ technique, where you create a image for each separate syllable in the word that you are trying to memorize: ‘Oy’ would be a skinhead in cherry red Doc Martens and braces shouting “Oi! Oi! Oi!” and ‘na’ could be a German jester as ‘Narr’ means ‘fool’ in German. But ‘oy’ could also be a pot of face cream ie ‘ointment’- what matters is that the first syllables are the same.