Tips on word memory league?

(Pugna) #1

How do you picture something that’s related or sounds like the word on memory league quick? There’re often words I don’t know the meaning of or can’t think of something that sounds the same. When trying to do it quicker, the images may or may not be the same word/spelling as what is shown. For example, I pictured a cheque for the word check and got it wrong or circuit vs circuitry. Currently at 8-11 words in 60 seconds.


Just add to the image as needed to remind you of the spelling…

Sick and sock both end in “ck”, so take your cheque and pay for the socks, so that you don’t get sick because it’s cold outside. On the other hand you can sign the cheque with a cue stick to pay for the pool table you’re buying… or use it to pay for Q-tips. The first image is for “check” whereas the second one is for “cheque”.

For the second one imagine that Garfield (the cat) just received a knighthood and is now called “Sir Cat”. If you want circuitry instead, go and chase him up a “Tree”. Alternatively, let him have a meeting with counselor “Troy” on Star Trek TNG discussing his lasagne addiction. Both “Sir Cat Tree” and “Sir Cat Troy” should remind you that you are after circuitry and not circuit.