Tips for memorizing long numbers more efficiently?

I’ve been memorizing long numbers using number pegs, however, my current pegs are only 2-digits long and as a result I need to use many of them for every long number I want to encode.

I’ve been thinking of extending my peg list to 1000 pegs and take advantage of having 3-digit pegs.

Is it a good method for increased efficiency? What other methods do you suggest?

Which Number System/Method do you use for memorizing numbers? Major System or Dominic System or Simple Number System(rhyme or shape) or any other systems?

To me, “efficiency” equates to saving both time and energy. Developing—and consistently recalling—a 3-digit, 1,000-peg list seems time consuming and inefficient to me…

I don’t know what “number peg” system you’re using. But the Major system can be fairly easily adapted to move from a 2- to a 3-number system. One thing that I particularly like about Major is its flexibility for creating associations on the fly; while you can certainly memorize a long list of pre-built words, you don’t have to. If speed isn’t a main concern for you, you can make up associations on the spot, which may improve your ability to link groups of numbers together in memorable scenes.


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I would personally develop a 00-99 major system and make this into a PAO (person action object) system. I’ve tried many of these systems and this is the one that is bringing me the best results. Developing one thousand images is a lot of work and can only store three numbers per location versus six numbers with this method

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Major System.

Example: if I want to remember the number 453499, I’d use the pegs 45 → Royal, 34 → Mower, 99 → Puppy, and then would come up with something like “A king (royal) mowing (mower) his garden with a puppy taking a nap on top of the mower”.