Tips for extended training and memory palace overlap

How do y’all deal with daily training in multiple runs without having a separate memory palace for each run? Currently I am practicing word memorization in 1 minute and only have about 5 memory palaces that I know well enough to maintain enough speed to be able to improve my performance. I find that as the day progresses, my performance gets worse, as some of my images from previous sessions overlap with images from my current session as I cycle through my memory palaces. I know the simplest way would most likely be to create a larger number of memory palaces and reduce the amount of reuse, but I was wondering if there were any tricks y’all use to train frequently without having imagery from training sessions interfere with eachother.

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I’m curious about this too. I wish I could just forget stuff easily.
Currently I just take a break for a few hours or a day off when this happens.

You may want to do a keyword search here, using terms like Reusing memory palace or ghosting in memory palace or erase memory palace.

This topic has been discussed in many other threads, including one that appeared maybe less than a week before yours:


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