Tips for a beginer

So as the headline says im an apsalute beginer, im very intrested and quite into the whole thing i read the unlimited memmory book and thats my guideline, i do understand how most of it works but my biggest problem is to on what i train, i did remeber all my countrys presidents (Latvian)
I was wondering mby you could tell what did you practice on when you where just starting
Sorry for bad gramma not only english is my 2th language im also dyslexic
Thanks in advance

Hi Ray and welcome :slight_smile:

Memory is based on association and using the 5 senses to remember.

Visual and Hearing are the strongest senses we use, so most memory systems revolve around those senses.

Try to look up the following memory tools:

The Link, The Major System and Substitute word system.

Also, The Memory Grid is also a very helpful tool if you need to remember very sequential things.

Take care,