Time to say goodbye. This is my last post

On september I will start to work again.

This means a serious challenge to my training.

However, as I thought before, I train for what purpose? I already meet my initial challenge, i.e., learn something new.

I remember when I couldnt even do basic calculation without using my fingers.

I won’t spend time to prepare myself for any World Cup.

I wish you all to be better in your mental journey.

It was a pleasure.



Goodbye. It was a pleasure to see all of your improvements and see all the tips you have shared. Good luck in future endeavors.


Thanks, Im lucky to work again after this coronavirus break.

I wish you luck too!



Such a shame I have enjoyed conversations with you.
Sometimes we ask us for what I’m doing these sh#t?
I’m in the same situation like you. I’m approaching my goals faster and faster but I can’t find these Motivation which I have possesed on the begin because I really know I will reach the abilities to use mental abacus. I want give you an advice which I have lernen: If people feel doubt but deal with it then their will meet their true self!

Please don’t go! @benjamin1990


Thanks Silas,

Im not saying I will abandon or I will give mental calculation up; I only say I won’t have the required time to train.

I wont delete this account, sometimes I will be back.


Good luck with work! I hope you’ll find time to do training again if you’ve enjoyed it and learned some fun stuff.