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  • i learnt that you should not most of the time memorise whole books usless completely necessary
  • i have found that i can traverse loci faster using three techinques going throught the loci at
    _ super speed picturing myself running goffly fast then looking at the sences from different angles then adding interesting shading.

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yo in this blog post i am just trying to make sense of what happing in my head when im making a loci by that i mean in my tracing a path through my memory using my minds eye that not really anything this was mostly a shit post just so people get my method at the moment and can give insight to it
if you truly are from a educational website convide in the pros like


and lastly you could ask to discord or google hangout the pro’s
just post on general memory advice, hey i’m a teacher and i want to teach
memory technique could one of the more advanced users please respond
or if you want a wider range of people/test subject to give there insight you
could ask like this i am a teacher and i want to two beginners, two intermedates
and two advanced users for a google hangout to get a better insight to memory
techniques and how they work.

if your just some sort of bot owner or troll i don’t really care to be honest
i like to be helpfull so even if you got a laugh at my expence that’s all right.

guess i got my answer