Thought I might give this a try...


I’ve learned and forgotten the beginners method a couple of times and never completed learning cfop. While I’m waiting for my brain to learn math I thought it might be fun to learn BLD and pochmann.

Not hugely excited about learning to be a “speed” cuber but thought it might be another toy to help with memory, concentration, etc.

What techniques have you used for the memory component? Which are most effective? Which have the best carry over in learning memory techniques for competition and or real life?



I’ve got my daily memory routine, that consist of memorizing numbers, letters and fictional words (using various techniques: PAO, memory palace…). These exercises improve my memory everyday.

In my opinion, the best technique depends on person. Everyone has own abilities and preferences. The only thing that you need is your imagination. Memorizing is an art of visualization. Activities like reading, drawing or just using memory palace are good way to improved imagination (memory).

PS i think that MEMORY PALACE is the best in connection with other techniques :slight_smile:


My rooms tend to be messy so I’ve been finding journeys a little easier in many cases but. A roman room seems logical for a cube as you can put your images in the right spots.

I need to get into a routine that gets me 20 minutes a day of memory practice for 6-8 weeks just to get into the habit.


I don’t know what kind of informations you want to memorise. Which aspect of memory do you prefer improve (speed, amount, time of recalling)?
However I can propose the rountine.

  1. Random Numbers or other software, choose an amount of numbers, and remember them using method of journey and other technique.
  2. Flashing Numbers, for a beginner 5s, for master less than 1s(with other software) An amount depends on you.
  3. Letters the same as above.
  4. Flashing Letters the same as above. (you have to search software in the internet)
  5. Fictional or foreign words
  6. Flashing Fictional or foreign words (try fictional words generator)
  7. If you like cubes, take one, look on it, close your eyes and try to make a face or six :wink: