Thinking in images

After a while of using mnemonics I had at some point learned to truly think in images.

This really got me considerate. When I think in images, if I were to share my images with people they would have not the slightest clue of how I am guiding the logic through my thoughts. It’s kind of like thinking with an overlap of different logic and then just abstracting precisely on a line within, using different overlaps to guide yourself along.

It is memorable and creative, it seems as though you understand things instantly but it is not precise. I get the general idea with this, I can think complex things, but the thoughts lack the technicality. When I try to write out my thoughts when I am thinking like this, unlike my very much descriptive style, the sentences become excessively short.

How many other people here have experienced something like this?

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All the time. Images are essentially my native language. If I can’t visualize it, it doesn’t exist.

This is probably why I have more trouble recalling text verbatim unless I invent my own images to go along with the text.

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