Things to Memorize/Learn more

Unsure where to stick so I suppose I will start a thread in the Journals…

Things to learn:


  Major System (WIP)

Mental Calculation

  Squares to 120 (WIP)
  2 Digit Multiplication (WIP)


        Addition (WIP)



        Elements - Euclid




        Element's of Algebra - Euler

        Pre-Calculus -  

  Linear Algebra

  Abstract Algebra



  Ptolemy's Almagest  ( assumes Euclid's Elements)
  De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium (On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres) by Nicolaus Copernicus (1543)
  Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems by Galileo Galilei (1632)


  Physica (Physics) by Aristotle (circa 330 B.C.)
  Principia Mathematica 
  Einstein's Theories of Relativity
  The Feynman Lectures on Physics by Richard P. Feynman, Robert B. Leighton, and Matthew Sands (1963)


   The Elements


  Adobe Premier Pro

Are you using any memory techniques to retain this list of information. Have you started with a list? Please share your experiences of experimenting on the techniques. Your motivation to choose this specific list will also be helpful for the readers to understand your efforts.

I’m just building my list at the moment. Not a plan in sight other than I plan to create a list. I may wipe the dust off my euclid’s elements and restart it this weekend. I reviewed Book 1 last night and I suspect I can work through it quite quickly.

Prior to memorization I will formally study then decide what I want to commit to memory

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Calculus - MIT OCW 18.01
Started into this one but I can see having to use a lot of cross-references.
It is clearly pointed at engineers and I am more interested in progressing to analysis than to a degree in structural engineering. That said it has all the supporting resources.

(I really wish there was a developed lecture set online for the Spivak book. Overall a much better Math book). I will probably have to work on this in parallel.

It assumes at the beginning that my high school skills are sharp in all the required areas. (lol).

  • Trig, Basic Geometry and some Quadratic factoring will need to be relearned.

So I will need both more and less. I think my objective here is to work my way to Baby Rudin

In parallel I am working my way up through Euclid’s Elements for Geometry so hopefully this will start me down the path of simple proof in combination with Spivak and whatever supplemental I need.

It seems like that at MIT there is a big emphasis in Calculus and all it’s applied flavours at MIT when I look at the course list. (Not a surprise). What isn’t clear to me is what is a clear path to getting to be able absorb the proofs for the various flavours of modern calculus, analysis. ( papa , grandpa rudin ).

I am hoping that the first 3 MIT Calculus courses with a bunch of supplementary material can get me to the point of being able to work through baby rudin. Hopefully by that time I will know a little better what I want next by then.

Algebra definitely interests me and feels a lot more accessible to me right now, although it may very well be because I am just skimming.

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Another week.

3 pronged approach to numeracy:

  1. mental calculation.
  2. soroban
  3. major system memorization.

IFF I can actually become fluent in the three and integrate them then I suspect that it will improve my general ability to think about numbers. With mental calculation, the intermediate objective is the ability to do addition for 3-5 digits using Anzan (not at 1 yet)

Similarly, develop calculations skills into the 5 digits

and a not so aggressive fluid with the two-digit major system… I think 3 images linked or in a locus should be enough for this.

I haven’t gotten close to this previously and this is probably a bit too long an objective

It’s a line in the sand.

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