"The Shaper System" -> Number Shapes - 00 - 99 - Anyone Using It?

@Erol It looks like you’re making good progress! After reading through the posts here I realized that I had done something similar to @Finwing when he wrote:

I had already done this for a few of the numbers in my number-association system such as 0 as an egg, more specifically Humpty Dumpty from the nursery rhyme. 00 is Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz because that story was written in 1900, but also 00 looks like an overhead view of a pair of ruby slippers, and furthermore Dorothy has two Os in her name like 00. 01 is Gandalf from “The Fellowship of the Ring” which (film) came out in 2001, but also I think of it as being one (1) ring (0) so it’s 01.

For most of the rest of my number assignments I haven’t yet made such associations to the actual shape of the numbers, but I’m going to be on a greater lookout for this for sure! It’s nice when you get some extra associations for numbers that just so happen to fit, for example in my system I have 747 as a Jumbo Jet, because that’s immediately what I think about when I hear the number 747 (Boeing model). But in the Josh system that number is pronounced “cock”, just like cockpit! (I guess they call it a flight deck now to be more politically correct). But now when looking at the shape of the number I realize there’s another connection: the 4 is like the body of the Jumbo Jet with its distinctive hump at the front, and the 7s are like wings on either side :slight_smile:


I’ve added the most recent number shapes, plus the associated thought processes, to my earlier post.


I think you guys are impressive.

Your imagination and the “gestalt” way with which you are able to look at such bland figures and come up with so lively images, figures that we have been looking at in just one way for decades, really impresses and amazes me.

I hope you’ll finish the entire list soon and make it available to us unimaginative people who would highly profit from such a framework. I would contribute if I could, but it is beyond my abilities.

My only fear is that, after learning such a list by heart, I would one day see myself totally unable to come up with 49 when adding 19 to 30, only to keep seeing with my mind’s eye the terrifying scene of a huge elephant about to trample my beautiful nurse while I lie helpless in the hospital bed, trying to savor my last seconds of looking at her beautiful breast from below, before I too find my destiny under the elephant’s feet.

Thank you.




Elephant + Beautiful busty nurse = A romantic ride together on a chair atop the elephant–and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Math is fun.



In case you are interested, here is a new word I just learned:

(Apologies for wandering off topic.)

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Hi Slate, I shall never forget 747 as a Jumbo Jet! I could see it immediately, Brilliant shape, I love it!

As for 00 - This for me is a Woman’s breast. A pair :slight_smile: for some of you it maybe number 3 that is a pair :slight_smile:
But my aim in this system is to create a shape that represents 2 digits without any reasoning or story.

Now an interesting thing is that 23 for me is “a Bra” > 2 and 3 stuck together gives me the shape of a Bra. Make the sure the middle part of number 3 also touches the number 2.

So if by any chance I get 00 + 23 while memorising;
I see a pair of woman’s breasts in a Bra :slight_smile: a single image that represent four digits instantly.
I don’t need any reasoning, it just jumps out at me.


Thank you OldGrantonian.

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Finwing, whatever works for you is good.
If 33 is Mummy then it is. Great.

I do like your 77.
For me 77 is a Table.

However, now that you mentioned Trousers, it made me think of 2 legs of a person sitting on a chair, and that also made me think of Michael Jackson’s dance move where he dances and stops on 2 bend legs. I still like my table, but I love the ideas of other shapes.

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33 for me is a Butterfly.

However, I do like the Idea of Lips which gives me a shape of 2 lips kissing each other which gives me the action of Kissing and the sound of that kiss. Nice!

I might actually change my 33 to two lips kissing.
So I can see that if the numbers are;
33 + 20
I see someone kissing a Snail

10 + 33 + 20
This would give me a single image of “A Fat Man kissing a Snail”
Hear the sound of the kiss.


Hi Mnemoriam,
If you had an image for 49 then I’m sure you won’t have to worry about it.

49 for me is - Mice or Mouse.

“only to keep seeing with my mind’s eye the terrifying scene of a huge elephant about to trample my beautiful nurse while I lie helpless in the hospital bed, trying to savor my last seconds of looking at her beautiful breast from below, before I too find my destiny under the elephant’s feet.”

Very creative imagination!


Hi, tarnation

Thanks for the vocabulary; absolutely new for me too.

Like a rorschach test, I guess our mnemonics manifest our different personalities :slight_smile:



Hi, Erol

Thanks, but not really, I am afraid.

Ever since I began with mnemonics, I try to have more control over my imagination, to be more selective with my images, but I can’t. If my imagination were really that creative I might have more possibilities…

But that one was just for fun. 49 to me is the surfer Rob Machado and a ruby, but these are Major System-based; I am looking forward to your complete “Shaper System”.



“If my imagination were really that creative I might have more possibilities…”

That is the goal of this system. It is to be more creative without being creative.
What I am trying to establish is a way that minimises the thinking process so the action can be applied to the next object, animal or person in an instant. That was my initial aim so that I could improve my speed. And it seem to work like magic!

So the system is that, rather than PAO - I use OAS.

O A S = Object + Its Action + Its Sound
When I say O for Object, I also mean Animal or Person as well.

I’ll go back to my example of 1 + 0 for simplicity; Lighter + Egg.

I just need to see “The Egg is on fire and in flames”.
I also hear the sound of the flame.

This takes me a second to visualise.

I don’t have the think that the number shape for 1 was a lighter.
Because in my number shapes I only have a single object that has a burning action, the lighter.
It can not be anything else. So if any object, animal or people is on fire, then I know the first object was a lighter which represent number 1. So if I have the numbers 1 + 49 = I see the Mice/Mouse is on fire and in flames which gives me 3 Digits at a time! I also have a little Secret move/add-on that I’m keeping for myself for now which I’ll release at the end of the completion of The Shaper System.

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Hi, Erol

I think the idea is great. I find it a system very difficult to create, so I applaud your effort.

Looking forward to your system, with or without the secret part :wink:



Thank you Mnemoriam,
I’ll keep this post updated as I go along. I’m 3/4 way there,
I just wonder sometimes why nobody ever thought of this, I think it maybe because it is very hard to visualise the correct shapes that matches the numbers.

What are your other numbers shapes if any? not based on major.
I’m trying to establish a way that it doesn’t require major or dominic, and it can be used in any language as shapes are all the same in all languages.

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Sorry, Erol, I am terrible at that. I promise to try one of these days when I have more time (I’ll probably need a few beers for that, though).

Just to say I did contribute a little, this would be my image for the letter “A”:


A compass.

If it ends up in your list, when you get famous can I receive any credits?




I like it! That’s a good one.

If it ends up in your list, when you get famous can I receive any credits?

Sure you would :slight_smile:
If this gets famous it would be a bonus for me, but I’m not really doing this for fame or to win a championship, although that would be nice but this has not been tested in that sense yet and has a long way to go.

The initial reason I do this is to improve my own speed better than it is now.
Another reason I do this; Since I’ve been practising memory techniques I’ve developed a lot of love for it.
It really helped me in many ways, and with what I know now I also helped others. I have a lot of respect and love for the creators of all types of systems in memory techniques, so if I could also contribute an improvement with a system that could be useful for some people, that would be my way of thanking and giving back.

so I just hope that it would work well for a lot of people as much as it works for me. That we have yet to find out. What works for one may not work for others, but I’m sure it’ll a help in many ways.
I remember the words of Albert Einstein - Everything should be simple but not simpler. Even tho I love the Dominic and the Major systems for its simplicity and they are easy to learn, but I found it very hard to prepare which takes a huge amount of time and very hard to practice, it also takes a huge amount of time to develop a good speed, my issue was to recognise the images, and to apply the action. Some actions worked well for some, such as James Bond Weightlifting, and some had almost no action I could apply, I had to be very creative during the memorisation process, and that was really slowing me down, I just couldn’t get to the speed I felt I could because of it.
Since I’d realised the shapes were much faster to recognise for myself, I felt like I found what worked for me, and it did. I didn’t have to spend an extra second with the phonetic or dominic letters to see the images, I just see the image without thinking because the shapes of the numbers are an instant image as I look at it, and the actions are set to effect the next object in a way which requires no effort to be creative. With practice I got better and better. I’m just hoping to create extra time for myself to complete this set.

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Hi. Love this idea. I was doing something similar, but also using other things that I just associate with the number right away, such as the year my parents were born. However, I like this better and I think I’ll start over. I was using only the one image, but with your system it’s like PAO, but all natural and immediate!

I love the 19 elephant image. It’s much better than mine. I am using a squirrel next in a tree (just what it looked like to me, as in this picture). But the elephant is much stronger.

I have a question though. You gave an example of 10 and the image of an egg on fire. If your system is Object-Action-Sound, shouldn’t it be Lighter plus whatever action goes with an egg? How are you using the three elements? How do you identify the order of the numbers?



Thank you ptken,

I did check your image for 19 :slight_smile: it’s good.

ok, so Object-Action-Sound

The order is simple,
Each object - animal or person has their own actions and their own sounds
the sound is created when the action is applied.

  • If any of the objects does not have an action or a sound, I just simply create one.
    Initially I was using a Pen as the number shape -> 1
    But the Pen did not have a sound, but had an action, it writes. As for the sound I created a scratching sound.
    But it was not strong enough, so I changed it to a Lighter instead. It has a nice action and a sound -> sparkles -> burns -> creates flames and flames also have a sound.

As for the order of how I see it,
Let’s use the simple 1 and 0 again.

I look at 1
I look at 0
I see
The egg is on fire, and I can see and hear the flames.

I don’t even need to see the lighter, because I only have one object that creates fire and that can only be the Lighter.
I don’t have 2 objects that has the same action.
1 = Lighter > Burns - Flames.

Let’s do it the other way round;
0 + 1

I see an egg yolk dripping off the Lighter. ( I hear the sound of the cracking of the egg shells at the same time )

Let’s use 3 digits at a time

example; 149.

1 + 49

49 = Mouse / Mice
I see a Mouse on fire or burning and I hear the flames.

The only thing that can burn the mouse (or any other object) is the lighter, so I don’t have to see the lighter when memorising, if something is on fire then the first number is 1.

Hope I’m explaining it well.

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I know I have already gushed about this, but I can’t help doing it again. Every time somebody comes up with a new number image, I am awestruck.

I was amazed when I saw 19 as an elephant. Now I can see it as a squirrel, too. (Thanks ptken) Then when you (Erol) said 49 is a mouse. My first thought was that is too much of a stretch, but then right away I saw it. That’s brilliant.

It astounds me that it is possible to see so many original images in these numbers. Of course, the mnemonic aspect is cool, but this is turning into art. Suddenly, something so familiar has revealed so many surprises.