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hello friends

THE SECRET is a book written by rhonda byrne… In she has explained how we bring in all circumstanaces in our life…also she has explained the law of attraction…

I think it can be very much helpful for staying focused and on track while training or studying…

Give it a try

It is also avaiable as audio book at audible and as movie in dvd format.

I have used it many times. Now i am going to try it for becoming grandmaster of memory…

You can find it easily in any bookstore near you.
Also for more imformation on it just google it…

Hope you find it interesting …

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You should watch the movie!It would be much better than reading the book (personal opinion)


@janard … the essence is to imagine every day what you want to achieve and behave as though you have it !! If your purpose is to become grandmaster of memory …well we should help you in every way that we can . And what crosses my mind at the moment is to call you already a grandmaster of memory !! What do you say ? :slight_smile:

I for example use some trick also to win 1 million dollars . Doesn’t cost anything to hope !! :slight_smile:


I agree … it’s no way better than believing in what some religion has to say !! The Law of attraction was at least discovered by Isac Newton !!

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The Law of Attraction was not discovered by Isaac Newton.

I have heard of this book/movie once before. I’ll try to watch it and post an opinion.


I may have misread it somewhere that information … but the truth is … it works !! :slight_smile:


I did watch this movie. The OP posted something that he thought may be helpful to some people, and that is a good thing, so I’m hesitant to be critical on the forums because I don’t want to hurt the feelings of anyone who may take my criticisms as effrontery. It’s always helpful to form a clear goal and understand or at least believe that the goal is achievable. But my experience watching the film can be summed up as “uncomfortable,” because I did not get the feeling that this information was honestly being offered for my well-being, nor was I given evidence of the truth of the claims. Instead, I was repeatedly (merely) assured that they were true.

I’ll post just three claims in the movie that are worth contemplating thoroughly for anyone who really wants to get behind this:

  1. The top 1% of the population controls 96% of the wealth because they know and suppress “the secret.”

  2. The law of attraction works all the time, for all people, and in every case.

  3. The law of attraction has been scientifically demonstrated to be fact.


My problem with this philosophy is that it engenders a lack of compassion for those who do not have the opportunities that others might, and that it attributes more agency to the individual than actually exists. Positive thinking can create a self fulfilling prophesy, and that’s wonderful, but I think it’s very important to be mindful of the opportunities you have been provided by others.


I appreciate this! I’m new to forums, but I was on one recently and the comments went in a bad direction. Thank you for keeping comments positive and informational!


May seem a bit cheesy but I have watched the “Secret” and decided it couldn’t hurt to try. All I can say is 5 of the 5 things I tried for actually worked, can’t 100% say it was a result of the “Secret” but I also can’t explain why it happened in the first place.

Hope this helps


Self-fulfilling prophecy, confirmation bias, simply a different mindset, and you have no clue what would have happened if you didn’t use “the secret”.

Seen the movie, read the book, still don’t buy it. To me it seems more like “keep faith and stay optimistic”, which always improves your chances. I don’t believe in ‘changing the universe with your mind’, your mindset can change a lot, but it doesn’t make things come to you, it makes you go to the things.

To me, “the secret” felt a bit forcing too, as if the writer was saying ‘this is THE way to everything! If you don’t follow this way you are an idiot!’. Sorry, but I’m not buying miracles, to me there is no miracle cure to anything in life. If there was, numbers of miraculous cures to everything would happen all the time.

An impression that the film and book left on me, was that you should think of what you want, and not of things you don’t want. As long as you don’t think of the things you don’t want, they don’t happen. Believe me, that thought gets kicked right out of you as soon as someone in your family gives birth to a stillborn child, or when the most optimistic person you know gets cancer.

Yea, modern medicine often is crap, but ancient humans just died when they got very ill or injured, and there are people alive today who have been through lobotomy for nonsense reasons. The good old days <3
In 10 years we will have better cures for cancer, ALS and AIDS, but some different disease will get a horrible treatment, and then that will be used as an example of how bad modern medicine is, so don’t trust that and just cure yourself with your mind! Modern medicine totally has nothing to do with smallpox disappearing and polio nearly being eredicated, that is all our mind! Oh, and all doctors are evil and don’t know what they are talking about. (Yes, sarcasm)

Long story short, use your brain rather than your mind ^^ now, feel free to let the hate flow. Emperor Palpatine voice do it! Become the hate, become my minions! (The yellow ones)

hugs and kisses

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Law of attraction works but of course it takes time , and time in this case is determined by your readiness to accept what you seek and not loose your shit because you have it, and readiness is result of you working towards that goal or thing you wish to attract.

For example, you wish to be company manager with 10 times bigger salary than average pay. If you get what you want immediately - you will loose your shit and won’t be able to maintain it or generate more because you are not deserving of it (not having knowledge or skills).
But if you decide to start reading about it, mabye get a job in lower position to learn how company is being managed, stuff start clicking in your head and more you work and learn and move towards that goal - easier it is to obtain it and keep it after obtaining it which is important.

So there is reason, why you don’t get what you want so soon.
Take steps towards it, go into the music store and put those nice heaphones you want on your head try it, feel it, see the price tag. You are already one step closer.

Allegedly there are people who can manifest something out of nothing in short time - that conncept is closely related to shifting through paralel realities. Good author on that subject is Vadim Zealand with series of books called Transurfing.


Jews in Auschwitz.
Starving people in Africa.
Sex trafficked children.

All not positive enough.

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As far as I know, positive thinking can be quite helpful for motivation - when done right.

Want to become world memory champion? Imagine you already have everything you want. Dream the sweetest dreams. Hear the applause and taste pure victory. See yourself breaking every world record with ease.

Now comes the most important part. After dreaming your dream, vividly imagine your current situation. You want to learn a deck of cards in twelve seconds, earning the respect of the memory community. But the best you can actually do is fourty cards in five minutes. Yes, this hurts. But the contrast is what will drive you.