The Re-Action Method with PAO + R

I have been using this experiment for at least a year with the shape system with great results. I have also created a spreadsheet in which all of the Re-Action are listed as well the shaper system PAO.

So what is the Reaction method? And how and why to use them.

We know that one of the laws of life is Action and Reaction, Sowing and Reaping, Cause & Effect. And so this law comes in very handy while memorising data. And it strengthens the scene and therefore making it easier to memorise and to recall.

When we use PA, or PAO, I simply add the Reaction part to the end of the PAO, so now it’s become PAOR.

Here is an example of PA + R in number memory.
02 88 = OBama is Weight Lifting
02 - OBama
88 - Weights in the shape system

Now I’m going to add a Reaction to the scene.
OBama is weightlifting, but the weights are too heavy, so the weights drops on his head causing the effect of his head having a big lump.
Here it’s the weights that adds the Reaction to the scene.

Another example. PAO + R
This time I’ll use PAOR.

Let’s use the same digits but add 2 more to it to make it a pao.

02 88 46

46 - Seahorse in the shaper system, with it’s own action of “Lazer Eye with burning everything in front of it”. This is what we’ll use as the Reaction. Basically we use the same action of the object, but we use it as the Reaction because it appears at the end. But the action is always the same whether it starts with it or ends with it.

So this is how 02 88 46 would look like with the Reaction Method using PAOR.

"OBama weightlifting A Seahorse. "
“Seahorse uses it’s Lazer-Eyes and burns the head of OBama”

Another approach would be to use the Reaction method with a person. So it would be PAO PR

PAO PR translates to Person Action Object Person-Reaction
So the 2nd person does his Reaction to either;

  • To the last object
  • Or to the 1st person.

Here is an example;
02 88 46 39

PAO P → 02 88 46 39
"OBama is weightlifting a seahorse who is Lazer-Burning the head of “Chuck Norris”

PAO PR → 02 88 46 39
"OBama is weightlifting a seahorse who is Burning the head of "Chuck Norris, who Reacts and “Sidekicks OBama” knocking him out to sleep.

Another option would be that the second person can use his her shape system object and action.

So now it would read as PAO POR
Translates to Person-Action-Object + Person-Object-Reaction

Here is an example PAO POR; 10 digits scene.
02 88 46 39 00

"OBama is weightlifting a seahorse who is Burning the head of “Chuck Norris, who Reacts with his Egg breaking it on the head of Obama who gets covered in egg-yolk.”

"OBama is weightlifting a seahorse who is Burning the head of “Chuck Norris, who Reacts with his Egg breaking it on the face of Seahorse who gets covered in egg-yolk.”

Does the Reaction method works well?
Yes! It works really well for me, and it should also work for you.
I don’t use it for competing. It’s useful to memorise number digits of up to 10 in a single scene on a locus in your memory palace.

How would you use Reaction method with your PA or PAO?
It’d be good to see your input and how it can further be improved with different ideas.


This is an interesting take on how to expand the system. But I could never use this system because I randomly add my reaction in the details of the stories I create. I never know what details I am adding exactly so my reaction would always be different.

I was wondering if you had a PA or PO, wouldn’t it be easier to expand to a PAO than trying to create reactions for everything?


It’s already PAO, and PAOR. The Reaction is a personal choice to strengthen the scene.

It’s not for competing as the extra details would take some time to imagine. It’s for normal day to day life memorising when there is a need of upto 10 digits.
It’s a way to add a Reaction, so not only it’s more memorable but you also increase the amount of digits in a single scene which can go upto 10 digits.

It’s just a personal choice. But it works very well.

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Oooh I see what you are getting at. So you would have 100 pre made reactions that would just be added to make the stories more detailed instead of trying to think the reaction o the spot?

yes! All are premade Reactions, all chosen well and recorded in the Spreadsheet already in the shaper system. But as a method to 8 to 10 digits it works really well using the premade actions.


Hi, Erol! Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your posts.

If I understand correctly, you are effectively making a PAOR system, right? Which means 8 digits in a pre-formatted manner, or any number of combinations made on the fly. What worries me is the need to then decipher the original combination (“Was this a PAO POR, or a PAO PR, or a PAO P…?”). Maybe if one defines the format for different amounts of digits would be more consistent and simpler to recall in the long term.

For example, I’ve developed my own way of remembering phone numbers in one location, and works similar to your approach, but without the R part. The format is always the same (since here all phone numbers have 10 digits, but all the ones in my City start with the same two, so there is no need to memorize them): P*A-PAO, the first P being the number’s owner. So, for example, a friend called Eme is barfing (13) Che Guevara (36), who is driving like a Go Kart (82) a flute (69).

Using another P as an object has shown to me to be very effective.

Do you use the same PA from your PAO to remember four digit numbers? If so, how do you know there where only 4 digits and not 6?


I think it’d be nice to have lists for each, and even have specifics for the A and O. Like transitive actions and non tool objects at least in the context of the A list. For instance if A is hammering, no O can be a Hammer thus removing confusion.

I would have also well prepared the reactions ® and add features (F, if we’re expanding let’s do a final one). I prefer to limit the R to affect the O. All the O should be affected by the A. All the A should be performed by a P. And the F is for how the P is looking like.
I differ from Erol in that: actions will always be performed by people and the people never repeated. Reactions or better said effects, will be subjected by the objects.

Example: 89 31 04 50 25 => P F A O R => Lea Seydoux, angel wings, eats, pizza, explosion. This is a natural algorithm for me.
My 24 F is horned, 22 is naked, 14 is topless, 13 is in fire (this could be instead an R).

If I couldn’t make a 100 list of R (effects), I’d make a 0-9 list and simple the R would be one last digit, then 9 are memorized (and Nikola Tesla is happy :smiley:).

Alternatively, I would do features instead of reactions, and limit to 0-9 events or reactions. I can think of many features very very fast. Just think of costumes, clothes, deformations, mythological addendums and superpowers.

For inspiration of the reactions (if effects) and feature I would go straight to media. Magical creatures, its features given to the P. Transformations and superpowers, its effects given to R or P. Another alternative if you remove O as a list.

Combinations of my interest:

ORPFA (the algorithm persists, only no relationship between A and O, simply OR->PFA)


I have prepared all the actions as a PAO in the shaper system. It can be used as PA, PAO and OAO.

Once the PAO is learned, then you have also learned the Reactions as the Actions and the Reactions are the same. The persons or the objects also don’t change. So it can expand to 8 to 10 digits with the added Reaction as it represents another 2 digits.

The beauty of this is that it makes the scene more memorable as well. The reaction is another mnemonic that adds an extra trigger to make it easy to memorise and to recall.

But it’s personal choice to use it or not. PA or PAO are widely used. This is just away to add the extra digits to a scene to make it more memorable and gives the ability to memorise more digits in a single locus.

Yes I do. The method I follow personally is OA - Object Actions for 4 digits numbers.

If I was to memorise 6 digits at a time I then follow PAO.

If I want to memorise 8 to 10 digits at a time I follow PAOR.


Erol, how do you visualize an action and an object without a person? Do you make a “character” out of the Object doing the Action, and if the Action requires an object (as in “lifting weights”), how do you do it? Maybe this are very basic questions, haha, but I’m a bit confused. I always have a Person (or character) performing the actions.

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Easy. It takes a little practice, but you soon get the hang of it as the objects all from 00-99 has premade actions for each. So the spreadsheet explains everything in detail. You would have to see the spreadsheet to see what I mean about Object Action Object OAO.

To visualize an Object with an action, I simply use the action that the object performs.

Here is an example of Object Action - OA instead of PA.

Let’s say we get the following 4 digits to memorize.
00 01

00 - Egg (with added arms and legs)
01 - Shield & Spear (I simply use the spear as it has its own natural action)

00 01 translates to;
The Egg Is Stabbed by The Spear.

The Egg - 00
Stabbed by - Action of The Spear - 01

For 6 digits at a time; OAO - Object Action Object
Let’s use the first ones and 2 more digits;

00 01 02

00 - The Egg
01 - Spear
02 - Dinosaur

00 01 02 Translates to;
The Egg is Stabbing The Dinosaur

Let’s now do 8 digits at a time; OAOR - Object-Action-Object ReAction.

00 01 02 03

00 - The Egg
01 - Spear
02 - Dinosaur
03 - Fork

00 01 02 03 Translates to;
The Egg Is Stabbing with the Spear The Dinosaur, who Reacts with A Fork and stabs him back.

All of this are exactly the same in the spreadsheet which I have attached for you to have a better idea of what I’m explaining. Once you check the spreadsheet it would make much more sense.

Download the spreadsheet here; Right click on it and choose “Save Link As” to download it to your PC or laptop"

[ ]

On this spreadsheet you’ll find 3 separate sheets.

First tab: PAO Shaper System List
This is where all the cells has all the necessary details from Sample persons all the way to Reactions, and Cards, Binary etc in the shaper system, however there is a cell which also shows the dominic addition to it.

Second Tab: OO Practice Action Object
This is where you simply add the digits into the Blue box and enter.
It will automatically give you the Paired links as Digits Object-Action Object.
This is a self working program that will show you What to Visualise and how to visualize it!

Third Tab: CARDS PA & PAO with my card system of the values assigned to each card which is fairly easy.

You can also download the full system to check the files included to have a go at the apps and how they work. It loads all the objects or the persons on auto which can then leave you to practice what’s on the spreadsheet. Without seeing the apps it’s difficult to explain, however once you see them all and how they work, the whole thing will make a lot of sense to you.

I like Object - Action better than Person Action.
initially it was simply because I had trouble finding objects and actions for my persons. So I decided to scrap the persons and went with my own Object - Action instead. It worked like magic.

And the beauty of it is that each one is like a small animation, and you never know what animation you will create which makes the whole thing so much fun! I love creating those links and imagine the animation of it. It oftens puts a smile on my face as you always get a different scene each time.

The more I practiced the better I got at using Object with their own action. I even competed with OA and managed to get great results.
My best performance was last year 70 digits in one minute.

However, if a individual wants to use their Persons, the spreadsheet also allows Persons to be used as PA and or PAO and or PAOR. All are premade and ready out of the box to use!


Erol, thanks for your very thoughtful answer and also for the spreadsheet resource, it is really awesome! You really know your formulas, hahaha. And your answers are very explanatory,

I still have one doubt. Using your example. How would you visualize 00 01 01? That is precisely the scenario I have trouble with. How would you distinguish it from 00 01? The same would happen, in the case of

How would you distinguish that from 00 01 02 03 01, let’s say? Since the reaction is the same to the action, I believe the image would also be the same. Am I missing something?

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I did explain that in detail already. So I’m really not sure what you mean.

I follow a path for 4 digits, and different path for 6 and 8 digits as explained earlier.

If you check the spreadsheey at Object Object Practice, you’ll type the digits and it will actually type you the object and the action.

so use that with 4 digits, and I believe it will enlighten you how easy this works.

Also, I find that amazing. For me it works the other way around. I have a lot of difficulty visualizing objects as characters, if I haven’t seen an image of them with full body and face, hahaha. I don’t completely follow how having trouble finding objects led you to use only objects but, man, if it works for you, more power to you! I’ve found that even with the Persons of my system, it works so much better if I see an actual photo of them, with specific clothes, so I looked for those photos and memorized them with SRS. I increased my speed and easiness by a lot.

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It’s surely a lacking in my understanding, of course :wink: . I did check the spreadsheet. I can see, in your example that 00 01 becomes “Egg is stabbed by the spear”. In the Spreadsheet, however, it translates to “Egg cuddling the spear”.

In your example,

So, if I understand correctly, 00 01 01 would be “The Egg is Stabbing the Spear”, am I right? If that is true, that would be different, indeed, from 00 01, “The egg is stabbED by the Spear”. However, I can’t see how that would be different from 01 00, “The spear is stabbing the egg”, according to your first example.

Hope that clarifies things. Maybe I’m not seeing something, of course.

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00 01 - the egg is cracked on spear
01 00 - the spear is stabbed in egg

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@Erol your method is so straight forward :+1:. I did a similar topic analysis about strengthen memorised items.

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Yes you are right. Egg cuddling the spear, or holding the the spear to attack is the correct one. You can also edit it to your own, so the egg can crack itself on the next object.

It’s my bad because the example I gave was the one I use with a Reaction as I am so used to adding Reactions to each scene. So the Reaction may differ on some, but most of them are the same reactions as the original actions.

Because I can immediately see the egg and the spear, and this immediately gives me action of the being stabbed by the spear.
The spreadsheet is editable, so you can change your objects and or your actions.

Also to remember a point in this is that the Persons or Objects appear on the left first, and then the other object appears on it’s right.
So the actions are applied from the left to the right in the order.

00 01 - the egg is cuddling/holding the spear (To attack the next object or the loci)

01 00 - The spear is inside the Egg. (Spear on the left, egg on the right)

These are the correct way of doing it.

Other examples with 4 digits numbers;

00 02
Egg is cuddling a dinosaur

So How it is used which I should have made more clear;
The first object or the person does its own action with the next object

so Person or Object is first, second is the action of the first person or the object.

OO-PRACTICE-ACTION-OBJECT in the spreadsheet only uses upto 4 digits practice. For other applications such as PA and PAO etc the apps should be used to practice which can all be edited to your system.

On the PAO however, we have stick to the original PAO or OAO.

00 02 03

00 - The Egg
02 - Dinosaur Blowing Fire
03 - The Fork

Obejct Action Object - OAO or PAO is the same procedure.
“The Egg” is “Blowing Fire” to “The Fork”

So when using PAO or OAO
We use the same as usual pao.

Left is The Person, doing the action of the object, to or with the “The Last Object”

And if you use any of the actions as the Reaction as well, we can then add 2 more digits to the scene and make it more memorable as explained earlier.

Let me know if all is clear, if not I don’t mind explaining it further.

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Hi, Erol! I’ve been using a similar technique for a while, and I think it’s a great way to save loci. I’m memorizing 14 digits per locus. It’s a PAOAOAO, but since it’s too long, I decided to call it by P3AO. It starts with a simple PAO, but the object does an action back over someone or something with another object (AO); then I do another action over the scene or someone with another object (AO). I’ve been memorizing some thousand digits with this technique, and it already saved me many loci.

I noticed that, instead of imagining the object doing an action back, I imagine the first person doing two consecutive actions. It’s worth it only in some cases since I may confuse the order of them. Another observation is that objects in my Major list aren’t necessarily objects, like a pot or a car. I use the word “object” in the grammatical meaning, so a person may be an object. It gives me more possibilities.

I hope my comment is useful. Thanks for sharing!

P.S. I had this idea after your comment on my first post, so thanks again haha

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I like your P3AO method. It’s great to hear it’s working really well for you.

The order is obviously important, so it depends on the individual and the method they want to follow.

That’s great to hear and glad I could help.

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Hi Erol.

Thanks a lot for making this post. I’m new to memory sport and this is the first time I’m hearing about this PAOR method. I can already think of many ways I can use this.
I have just two questions if you don’t mind answering. You said that the reaction is the same as the object so does that mean that the Reaction is just to close the link and give it a better animation?

For example, this is my PAO:
00 - Silver Surfer , Surfing , Surfboard
01 - Sanjay Dutt (An actor), fighting, baseball bat
02 - Smelly nashedi (Drunkard), drinking, whiskey bottle

So to memorize 000102, the silver surfer is fighting with a whiskey bottle. To add the Reaction, the silver suffer is fighting with the whiskey bottle and the bottle breaks and a bird flys out of it. Is this correct? Also here, the reaction adds no additional digits and is just there to close the link.

Or I have to make reactions for the PAO and use it like a 8 digit system? Something like the following:

00 - Silver Surfer , Surfing , Surfboard , Whale comes and hits him
01 - Sanjay Dutt (An actor), fighting, baseball bat, villain stabs him with a knife
02 - Smelly nashedi (Drunkard), drinking, whiskey bottle, barfs
03 - Super Man , lifting , truck, gasoline leaks out of the truck

And now I combine these to create a link to memorize something like 00 01 02 03.

Thanks for the help.

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