The Problem Of Modern Education: A Personal Opinion

I am no expert at the education field, but I am lucid enough to point some flaws in relation to some education systems so I am opening the discussion about the topic. My critique is in relation to constructivism. If I am not wrong, it is basically the concept of trying to involve the students in the process of education; at least according what I heard about an “intellectual” called Paulo Freire, like educating them based on their reality and social background, making them to learn with themselves and through a teacher student relation. There must be more people other than Paulo Freire who introduced that thing to the field of education, and I suppose it has been spread throughout the education systems of many countries in a very subtle way, and I think that thing is totally pervasive. That’s because that progressist idea flexibilizes the interaction between teacher and student, not only taking away the teachers authority (we can notice the today’s crisis of authority in the West by the part of teachers), but it also takes away the power of the professor to teach. They are the people who most (or at least in principle) have to teach and should be listened to, but basically what that method does is trying to make students to teach themselves by themselves, or at least through an interaction between teacher and student in a dynamic process. It is like putting several random guetto kids without much perspective in live to learn about sex by themselves through textbooks and read philosophical texts expecting them to become as good as Plato or become transsexuals (I would make a joke with learning Arabic and exploding things, but maybe Josh wouldn’t like it, so I made a more light joke). That is the wrong point. This method wants people to become proficient in something without having to recur to the guidance or even the auxiliation of a teacher on HOW TO STUDY. That is why Chinese people are the best in academical fields and can beat everyone else in terms of education. Their system is rooted in memorization and a lot of concepts. They know someone cannot be productive and creative in something without KNOWING ABOUT THAT SAME THING BEFORE, SO THAT IS WHY THE NECESSITY OF AN EDUCATION SYSTEM THAT IS TURNED INTO A LOT OF CONCEPTUALIZATIONS.

I think the gross problem of education is that people think life is simple.

Students have many problems at any point of time and work differently so a one way to education doesn’t exist. Conversely students can handle a lot more than what education systems give credit for. In China, the education system is stricter, and emphasizes mastery. Realistically however, the students work harder there and that is really why they outperform others.

In my school, when I was that age, people in my class were complaining about how learning a formula is too much information/work, a 4 variable formula. This is being lazy in most cases.

Teachers, for some reason a lot of them are very bad. I have met teachers who googled what they were teaching, plagiarized students homework for class teaching, held onto their pride to claim they were right even when proven wrong and use the ‘I am teacher’ card, teachers who told me the only way to learn is to do questions and look at answers so here 0 teaching and even the ironic fact that the teacher who said this had the highest class performance in the school.

I have had some good teachers but they were honestly few and still had actual content teaching efficiency problems.

Honestly, the system is terrible. You are put in a class from the start of your academic career, made to follow a given outline of what you should learn. If you learn ahead of this, skipping is not going to happen depending on the region,particularly in some-countries you can completely forget it. Somehow all signs of higher educational needs appear to be teacher word by mouth. The homework stands often at bad philosophy that is unexplained to students. It is far faster and more consistent to learn on your own, there are even common better methods. Some teachers go on and on explaining the same thing because they feel the students have not understood it, which is both true and false for different people in the class.

To highlight again why teachers are such a problem. I wanted to take an additional advanced math class and a teacher refused, stating I didn’t need it so there was no point and that I already had a higher workload and that no one would teach it here. However, to top it off I had shown my willingness by stating the fact that I would learn it in my own time, to which they replied without any confirmation or any idea of who I even was as they didn’t teach my class “You are telling me a high school student teaching themselves math, hahaha I don’t believe it”. The most irritating statement of my entire schooling, this is the problem.

The rant aside

My educational dream qualities:

  • Structured access to all information you are supposed to learn, at your own time. (Also in many alternative forms)
  • To highlight structured access to all schooling related information (jobs, consequences,exams,paths,rules,requirements,studying related research, relationship research).
  • Anytime, any level, exam taking, to join said level.
  • Abolish age related education.
  • Abolish income requirements.
  • Teach teachers how to teach and understand students
  • Stop believing students are stupid and raise the academic hurdle.
  • Make attendance, remote able or not required.
  • Free subject choice without limit.
  • Student chooses, Parent does not, Student chooses, Teacher does not.
  • No time gated education
  • Explanations of teaching philosophies.
  • Availability of classes such as Critical Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Visualization/visuo-spatial reasoning, Memorization, creativity class (Not art) added with clear explanations of what they provide or are supposed to provide.
  • Free room education (can retake a particular hour of a class or take another according to the order you want).
  • The ability to form academic clubs/circles depending on given requirements or selection ''Globally.
  • Education based goods, people should have access to a laptop of some form or whatever technology would aid them.
  • Paper and Pen should be optional, alternatives such as computers,drawing tablets, speech, or alike should be present.

Honestly, I have too often come across teachers and textbooks which use the wrong words and the only logic seems to be in the vague concept that pops up as a result. The actual terminology should be accurate too.