The preparations done for memorization; do you guys use Excel, Word Document, or even Flashcards? Referencing your memories for later/to check back

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I have a question here. When memorizing technical terminology/definitions/factuals/or whatever, do you guys load the formal definition onto a flashcard or something like that?

For example:

Anyone do things like this or what do you do in preparation for the material you will memorize? Or do you just memorize everything on the fly without creating a paper-backup or a digital-backup in case you need to verify that what you have memorized and retained is correct?

I read that you should keep copies of what you’ve memorized/reference it for later in digital programs/paper. Let me know what you think regarding this???

On another note, can someone recommend me programs/software to keep memory references like this? I am using LibreOffice’s Calc. program but it’s a bit clunky. Would love something free like MS’s Excel. Flashcards that let you see everything all at once is nice too preferably offline w/image capabilities. Any ideas?

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I keep everything in Google Sheets in one big file.

Each sheet is a separate memory palace. I also download the sheet to Anki so every loci also becomes a Anki card. I put both the memorized information (in bold) and the mnemonic on the back of the card. The front of the card has the loci #139 - “Ceiling of west room” and a still image. Google sheets adds in the relevant HTML so this takes no time at all. I also add in one card to Anki with the whole palace. When this card comes up, I review the palace mentally.

Hope that helps!


I use LibreOffice and then export to Anki.
I keep all the memory palaces and stuff in digital, never only in the brain.

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Well, I usually don’t like to use Google cloud to store my stuff because of privacy concerns. But now, I’m thinking about downloading my files after creating them on there, then permanently deleting them. Do you know if Google actually permanently deletes files forever?


If you are worried about privacy, I would not trust them to permanently delete your file. You could use excel locally - or even a text file. You could write a script to convert your text file into Anki cards - or use the Anki import wizard.

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“Deletion” of data is becoming trickier to define in general. If an advertising company scans your content and extracts data about your interests and behavior from it, deleting the content doesn’t actually delete all the information gathered about you. :thinking:

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If what you’re saying is correct then Google knows a lot about me already damn it :scream:
Even though, I’ve already deleted my files!

Their cloud software like Google Sheets are so convenient though (not even sure if I want to give it up now since I just used it for some stuff and it was ez-pz) that not even LibreOffice can compare and I’m not sure about MS’s Excel since I’ve never used it before but that one’s definitely paid. I believe that I can get a free version of Excel soon though because of school!


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A lot of tech companies love data nowadays. They’re really trying to make those AIs and its potential is definitely scary but that’s another topic :fearful:

I honestly think that a ton of people are using Google nowadays; Google Chrome, Pixels, Youtube, and they own a ton more stuff. Kind of hard to avoid.

Oh not to mention, the Android operating system is from Google.

Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t considering the perspective of advertising. But the more you know…


I keep track of all of my memorized information in Apple Notes. That way, I’ve always got the information with me (iPhone/iPad) and can also add information on the fly.

The Notes app syncs seamlessly between all of my devices, so it’s always current.


LOL, you just made my day… let me quote from this very page’s privacy policy:

Information We Collect About You
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This is a site for people to respectfully discuss memory techniques with each other. Please keep the discussion respectful and refrain from “LOLing” at people.

Unlike Google, we aren’t a data mining company. The privacy policy is pretty standard, and we respect users’ privacy. Our Google Analytics settings are set at the highest privacy levels, and it’s simple to opt out of it in a browser if you want. (It’s built into Firefox, so you can just toggle one setting.) We don’t mine your content to serve ads. There are no 3rd-party ads served on this site. There also aren’t any social media tracking pixels.

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That was neither LOLed at nor LOLed with (assuming that’s a word)… it was simply laughing out loud. There is a certain irony there that has nothing to do with making an ad hominem attack. Not sure which forums you frequent that you think “LOL” in a bad word.

I’ve done nothing more than quote directly from your own privacy policy… if any of the quotes are inaccurate maybe update your policy.