The power of location

All the time when I was training “Images” in a Memory League I was creating a journey and I could barely memorise 20-22 images. Now I started using a memory palace and I achieved 30 images in 60 seconds after 30 minutes! :smiley:
I’m sure all of you know that, but for me it was eyes opening experience. Locis are indeed very powerful and when we place some information in a particular location it’s much more powerful.
I have some questions for you guys, as you are very experienced already:

  1. How do you encode a location while training “Images”? How to memorize location in a location?
  2. Should we have one or more training memory palaces?
  3. How many locations inside one memory palace?
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Lets say you have a chair (locus) and a mountain range (image). You could imagine not one, but mountains of chairs that you have to climb.

If you have a river at a refrigerator, see the river go through your house, filled with refrigerators. You could even open one for a snack.

If you get stuck on seeing more similar images and have to work with the details, watch Bob Ross. If you can start to see landscapes in such simplistic ways, you can get an easier time with doing the images.

Having more palaces helps. I have dedicated training palaces for each event, that way I can prime my brain on the kind of images I will need.

I grab as many as I need, not more, not less.
I have 52 loci for my speed cards, multiples of 18 for multiple decks (one deck in PAO requires 18 loci), 100 for each numbers-palace (makes it easy to find specific numbers), etc.
So if you need 30 images stored, use a 30-loci palace.

If you don’t want to make a lot of those small palaces, you can work with floors. If you have a palace with 3 floors, 30-loci each, you have a 90-loci palace that can be used for three rounds. Though in the end you can also make a 4017-loci palace for 30 images if you like. There is no requirement, there is just comfort. Find what makes you comfortable :slight_smile:

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