The Polish Memory Championships Best Brain 2019

The Polish Memory Championships Best Brain in its 4th edition was held on 8th June 2019 in the capital city - Warsaw. The aim of the Championships is to popularize intellectual development among Poles.

This year, there was a record number of 81 competitors divided in three categories:

  • 27 kids
  • 28 juniors
  • 26 adults

The 28 people had previously competed in memory championships, while the 53 were newcomers.

During the event, participants tried their hand in five memory disciplines:

  • random words (2 minutes)
  • random numbers (2 minutes)
  • abstract images (4 minutes)
  • words of fiction language (5 minutes)
  • and original competition – spoken colours

Five new Poland records were set and two were equaled .

After a fierce sporting struggle, the results of the event were as follows:


  • 1st place: Kuba Zgajewski
  • 2nd place: Oliwia Rudo
  • 3rd place: Mira Balana


  • 1st place: Blanka Kur
  • 2nd place: Justyna Starecka
  • 3rd place: Ewa Dukała


  • 1st place: Jan Zoń
  • 2nd place: Martyna Grela
  • 3rd place: Dawid Wójcik

Thanks to one of the sponsor - Memory League – nine competitors obtained full access (the best of each category for one year and rest of them for three month) to Memory League platform, where they can train their memory and compete in rapid, head-to-head memory battles with people from all around the world.

We invite you to view photos from this event: