The Paradoxes

Hello all, I thought that the following would be an interesting challenge: to memorize all of the various paradoxes of thought as listed here:

Complete memorization of the paradox would have to include at least the (1) name, (2) paradox and (3) an understanding of the problem of the paradox (i.e., rote memorization is insufficient).

For example:

Barber’s Paradox
The only barber (who is a man) shaves all and only those men who do not shave themselves. Does he shave himself?

You would have to be able to explain to someone what the underlying problem of the paradox is, i.e., assuming the barber is the only barber in town or existence and that he shaves only those men who don’t shave themselves, then if he shaves himself he shaves someone who shaves themselves and if he doesn’t shave himself then he doesn’t shave all those who don’t shave themselves…