The natural limits of a language and your impressions about them

I know we live in ages of relativization and what I will say may sound inconvenient, but what I realized while learning languages is that there is a natural limit of every language and there are languages that are superior than others in overall and in particular aspects.
What is my idea and what I mean by natural limit?
My idea will sound like the thinking of ancient Greek philosophers: You have a world made of forms, and the language is just a mean in which you express your feelings as better as possible. Each phoneme and the entanglement/combination of those same ones evokes particular feelings when pronounced, and when speaking you shall match those ones as better as possible with what you are wanting to express.
Now why are some languages superior than others? Here is the answer:
I am not a linguist, but I could point few factors in which makes a language expressible:
1- The archetypal meaning of a word or set of words, obviously;
2- Language flexibility: The way a word and set of words singular and jointly, respectively, can be entangled. Take an odd example by the way:

3- Variety of words with similar meanings (example: “speak”, “tell”, “say”, “talk”, “converse”)
4- Profundity and level of abstraction of certain words.
5- The possibilities of words being entangled in certain manners to such extent to generate complex verbal conjectures and nuances.
So with that said, every language will have its natural limit and will lay towards a specific peculiarity. Now examples, showing my impressions about languages:
1- Arabic seems to have words with mystic meanings and seems to be good for poetry.
It is a pleasure to give few examples of words with meanings in which cannot be translated to their kernel:
بالعد- (bilad) - It means place/reign, but not exactly that.
سليل (salil) - It means clash, but not exactly as that. I guess you understand what I am trying to say and you may feel a similar feeling in relation to me when conceiving mentally that word. For curious, that is a word used in the Islamic State nasheed (another Arabic word with an arcane meaning, that means song/hymn, but not exactly as that) that became a meme on the internet “Salil Al-Sawarim”, that means “Clash of Swords” (at least as per what I know).
سوف - (Sawf) - It means like “shall go”, as per what I know.
قد - (Qad) - It is similar to (Sawf), but it has a sense like “let it go”, as per what I know.
2- Greek, Latin, and German (not as much as the latter two) appear to be good for philosophy; coincidentally or not, the crib of philosophy was ancient Greece, in contrast with other places with distinct languages, but is arguable that there could be also civilizational and racial matters behind that feat, but I frankly cannot imagine the Greeks could achieve anything without their language. You can look how words look much more sophisticates in Greek compared to African languages words and languages like Indonesian and Filipino.
3- Latin derived languages appears to be more emotive or hot.
Thoughts: There is literally infinite possibilities of words that can be formed and our memory is limited, so to consider the existence of a perfect language there are some possibilities:
1- Every situation can be expressed as it is with the entanglement of proper phonemes.
2- It is mathematically impossible to do it so we should only get as near an ideal as possible.
3- It is mathematically impossible, but it is FAIR to ignore them.
That language should have a dynamic pattern of making words in which can be identifiable for all its speakers and or a vast repertory of words.

Thoughts? I would like to hear your impressions about languages also, even they may look stereotipifications. By the way I restrained myself from saying certain things otherwise I would be censored because it seems there is a boundary/threshold here between what you can say and what you cannot that will generate conflicts and hurt people’s subjective feelings even though it isn’t your purpose other than engaging in intellectual affairs.

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