The "Major system" for Vietnamese language


Hello, I am Vietnamese people.
In my language, the old principles of major system don’t work ( 1 = t, 2 =n, …) well.
So, I want to create new principles for Vietnamese.
Here is my short study . You can download by this link.

Please tell me some idea! I need your help.
(P/s: I dream I am the first Vietnamese people win a national competiotion of memory… That 's so far.
I will try my best )

(Josh Cohen) #2

I don’t speak Vietnamese, so I’m not sure of the answer to that, but there is a similar discussion over here:


I get what you were trying to do with your analysis. Bear in mind though that the Major System isn’t actually for the Latin alphabet but reflects the frequency of those consonants in the English language. You’ll find people changing some of the consonants for Spanish, French, German, etc because they face similar problems you do.

However given that Vietnamese is a tonal language, I’d suggest you check out rhyming systems used by Chinese competitors. Also this here might be interesting (not the solution) but goes to show that the Major System has it’s limitations across various languages:

You could also just set up 00-99 in English and after you start to have a decent idea of which number is which word, meaning a direct number to image translation (not going via consonants), replace the English words with their Vietnamese translations. Once you’ve trained your system you’ll think in pictures anyways, so it doesn’t matter.


thank you very much


Cám ơn nhé bạn ! ( Thank you )
I have thought about your idea. It is exactly the solution i need.
I will build the “rhyme system” in Vietnamese. And I will share that system, soon <3

(DucNguyen) #6

I just gave up building the system for our language so thank you for doing this :smiley: