The less hard i try the easier it is

I am focusing on learning random words and it seems like the less hard i try the easier it is. When i fear not remembering that is when i fail. Do any of you agree with this?


Yeah exactly! I have observed that when I try too much effort for image formation,when I use every way to use more logic and perfection, in the ends the results are satisfactory but takes a lot of time and effort.

On the other hand when I use less effort and use abstract images or whatever that comes to my mind the results are almost same but I do it much faster with very less effort.

Yeah it’s as though my sweet spot for rapid recall is somewhere between trying too hard and not really trying at all which is as bad as trying too hard.

When fear goes over mind you become panic and everything starts to rush away, even the memory! So, I think being in a normal state and doing the practice will give you great results over the period!