The IGMP method for text memorization


The IGMP method stands for Information Generated Memory Palace. I use it mainly for memorizing text and particularly Bible verses. It’s main benefit is that you create a memory palace on the fly from the information you need to memorize, without having to imagine a lot apart from how to convert words into images.

OK, enough of me talking :slight_smile: Here is the method:

Let’s say you want to memorize 25 verses.

  1. Pick from each verse 6 key words and convert them to images
  2. For each verse make a packet with the 6 images you picked, using the 1st image as a placeholder for the other 5.
  3. Calculate how many memory positions you need based on how many verses you have to remember. In our case you need a memory palace with mostly 25 positions. You will actually need less, because you will use the 1st or more verses to make your IGMP.
  4. Take the 1st verse. It has a placeholder and 5 images on it. Pick each image of these 5 and find 5 positions on each one.
  5. So now you have made your IGMP with 25 positions.
  6. Take each of the rest of the verses and put it in each position of your IGMP. Notice that you will need 24 positions, because you used the 1st verse as an IGMP for the rest.

I hope it helped you :wink:

P.S. Don’t expect to magically remember the verses after you have used my IGMP method. This is true not only for my method, but for every method. You will need to practice a lot of recalling in the beginning until your brain gets used to it. Also, remember that my method is not necessarily better than other methods (for example memory palace, journey, loci etc). I made this method mostly as a solution for fast creating a memory palace when my imagination is not at its best. You will still need to have a walk in your IGMP for you to actually continue remembering what is happening.