The first real world memory championship this week?

In my opinion, this is the first real world memory championship being announced here. They certainly don’t brand it that way but to me, that is what it is, and I find that quite exciting. Too bad this isn’t Android friendly because I would participate in it then. Nevertheless, because I am so excited about this development, I am promising to mail a medal to who ever claim the first place in this competition, if no other prize is offered. :slight_smile:

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The training link is what caught my eye…

I’m beginning to get a little jealous. Still grinding my major system.

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Why don’t you just use a regular computer?

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I would have to buy one. The library computers that I normally use would not let me download the software.

There is no software to download; it’s online… just like Memory League or Memocamp is.

Oh, Great, thanks! I have a one hour limit before the computer boots me off so I hope there are no long disciplines. It might work.:slight_smile:

I have finished the 15 minutes number memory discipline but now they say I have to wait until the end of the recall period to get my score. That’s 20 minutes. I am sort of lucky I as I have 23 minutes left on this computer before it boots me off. :slight_smile:
My best of 5 minute numbers was 42 digits.


My results so far up to day 2:
5 min #, 42
15 min # 126
5 min NF 5.5
5 min Random Words 6
5 min dates: 9
Speed Cards: 10 cards
I haven’t had any zero scores yet, so I feel good about that. (Well I did broke the ice with a zero score at 5 min # but my first attempt rescued me.) It was my first time with dates, which was cool. I didn’t understand the way NF was corrected and so lost some points because of my ignorance. I misshandled the buttons with Speed Cards as I hadn’t fully figured how it really worked. I recalled 12 words at Random Words but spelled gardener gardner and lost half my points, ha ha.

The library setting where people seem to constantly mutter to themselves was not ideal, nevertheless I am enjoying this and plan to finish in the next two days.


Congratulations! It is a good result :clap:
What technique do you use for numbers?

Thanks. For numbers, I used Major 3 digit system with 3 image per loci. My journey was winding down a street around a place I used to live. I reviewed it 4 or 5 times.

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A 3-digit system takes time to gain speed, but it’s all a matter of practice and dedication. Good luck with your workout :blush:

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So, my final scores are as follows:
5 min images, 44;
5 min binary, 60;
10 min cards, 68.
For images, I had 2 swapped images for 48 correct images, so I presume 2 points were taken off for each mistake? 2 points off is not a huge concern. Going faster is not overly discouraged.

In binary, my absence of regular practise there showed. I had over 90 binary digit memorized but realized a bit late that one image had to be inserted in the recall sheet and I didn’t know how to shift all my results to the right and so I had to fix it all again and time ran out.
In 10 min cards, I was a bit cautious after my disaster at speed cards and so I aimed for a deck and a few more. I knew two more cards at the end but wasn’t 100 % sure and didn’t risk adding them for fear that my whole second deck would be voided.

I generally want to remain alert to my surroundings in a library when I am by myself and so the ear noise reducers are not an option here. For that reason and because they are bulky and (I generally don’t want to carry them with me all day) but you are correct that these might have helped in my situation. Maybe libraries should offer these for rental…