The fastest system to memorize the card handle

Hello. What do you think is the fastest and most powerful system to memorize the card handle? What system do memory recorders use?

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Are you looking for a fast system to memorize card decks?


Any double card system… if and only if you’ve mastered your image set for it; so it’s not a system to start out with. But the images per loci will be very unique all the time which is a big advantage.

For beginners it’s probably an OO or PAO system for 26 or 17 loci, respectively. Obviously a 52 image system is easier to memorize and get fast with then building up an entire double card system.

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Unless you already understand what’s meant by loci and PAO, you’ll need to spend some time understanding the basic memory techniques typically used for card memorization. You can find a good introduction here:


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