The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain by Annie Murphy Pau

There’s a new book out that touches extending the mind beyond the body that gives an overview of the past decade or so of psychology and neuroscience in the areas of thinking and memory.

I’ve seen several references to it in my reading over the past few months, but this review in particular put it over the edge for me to read:
Extending the Mind – Finite Eyes. Here are my notes on it for those interested in quick highlights.

Those interested in the overlap of psychology and memory will likely appreciate some of the researched mind hacks which are mentioned. I have a feeling those interested in education and pedagogy will also appreciate it. Some of the reviews and discussions remind me of @LynneKelly’s work with students in Australia though I suspect that Paul is writing here from a very western-centric point of view. In particular I’m curious about the sections on thinking with movement/gesture, walking, and using one’s surroundings/natural spaces/built spaces which I suspect will have some familiar overlaps with songlines and memory palaces.