The effects of bullying on the brain

“The youth completed questionnaires at ages 14, 16, and 19 on the extent of bullying in their daily lives. MRI scans were acquired at ages 14 and 19. The researchers identified nine regions (left and right) of interest that are associated with stress and maltreatment.”


I read the first two paragraphs, and found it too distressing.

As a voting citizen, I have a duty to read these articles. So my normal routine is to leave a gap of a few days, then read some more - until it’s finished.

I’m a big fan of the #METOO movement, so it would be nice if a similar movement existed for other types of bullying.


There is a real lack of quality bullying in our modern internet age. “Mom, I got cyber-bullied today”. If you don’t come home with a ripped shirt or a black eye then it wasn’t even a proper scuffle.

In order to be properly molded into slavish acceptance of our “place” in the world, we need to increase the bullying dramatically. Especially in early youth. The current bunch of kids think that self-actualization and work-life balance are all important. Some of the little buggers don’t even want to work to earn their employers great benefits while barely making a livelihood.

We need to increase bullying dramatically if we are to maintain our capitalist model. We can’t start allowing the rabble to start thinking above their station.


I’m not even going to read the paper. 52 years old and I still sometimes wake nights screaming because I have dreamt I was back at school. Secondary school (11-16 age in the UK) was traumatic- not helped by my being the class fat kid, talking ‘posh’ and being a Know-it-all. I am well aware of the effect that bullying can have on the brain/psyche, i live with the results everyday.
But what has done me more damage (and this may surprise) is the solution to the bullying I found- namely insane violence, I hospitalized a couple of my tormentors and after that things got sooo much better.

I doubt that’s what the article had in mind in terms of solutions…

I should hope not! Although it did work beautifully- instantaneous, extreme violence (always with a weapon and always from behind) gained the bullies’ respect AND suddenly girls started to be interested in 15 year old me with my coke bottle glasses and 44" waist . But with hindsight it was a lesson I shouldn’t have learnt. Trouble is i have yet to hear of a ‘solution’ to bullying that would have worked in my case.

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Nowadays sometimes bullying victims are punished for fighting back because the bully tells an authority figure that the victim fought them.

Most oftentimes I faced verbal bullying, as in my experience that’s how girls and women bullies tend to bully other girls and women, as opposed to the physical bullying that boys do.

At the risk of taking this thread more off topic than I have already; It happens that many of my school daze tormentors were girls. One must remember this was a long time ago in the UK and back then it was a RULE that boys didn’t hit girls (something about girls being The Weaker Sex-hah! Trust me on this one -a kick in the groin hurts just as much when its a girl kicking as a boy). Although it wasn’t the physical pain that the girls inflicted on me that was the worst, it was their stupid laughter. Well, my knocking a girl (who wasn’t usually a bully and we became friends later) unconscious infront of the class put paid to that- sod the RULE. Result: I got a dressing down off the headmaster and I had to buy the girl some chocolates, ( her dad insisted , he was understandably upset) when she got back from A&E…and no girl laughed at me ever again , indeed just the opposite, suddenly i was ‘hot property’. Go figure.

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